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Explanation of the Plan II Curriculum:

World Literature (E 603A and E 603B or TC 603A and TC 603B)

This yearlong course is required of all Plan II first-year students and is of central importance in the curriculum. Students may not place out of this course. It is conducted as a seminar, with emphasis on discussion, and is a writing-intensive course.

First-Year Plan II Signature (TC 302)

All freshmen take one Plan II Signature course in the fall or spring. The emphasis in these seminars is on discussion, critical thinking, and writing. Faculty from across the campus are specially selected to teach these courses. Recent seminar topics include "Philosophy and Emotions," "Right and Wrong in Politics," and "Shakespeare and Film".

Social Science 301 (SS 301)

This course is offered under several disciplines and is usually taken the second year, first or second semester. The content involves contemporary social issues, and students may select from economics, anthropology, government or psychology.

Second-Year Philosophy: Problems of Knowledge and Valuation (PHL 610Qa and PHL 610Qb)

This yearlong course is also taken in the second year. Using ancient and modern texts, students usually consider problems in ethics, political theory, metaphysics, and epistemology.

Non-U.S. History

Two courses in the same geographical area are required: one from an older period of the area's history and the other from a more recent period. Many elect to take a Western Civilization sequence which is designed for Plan II students, but students are free to take history sequences from other non-U.S. geographic areas (e.g., Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East).

Math and Science

All students in Liberal Arts must take 18 hours of math and science. Twelve of these 18 hours are prescribed as follows for Plan II students:

  • Plan II Logic (PHL 313Q) or Plan II Modes of Reasoning (TC 310)
  • Mathematics for Plan II students (M 310P), or credit for an approved calculus sequence
  • Physics for Plan II students (PHY 321)
  • Biology for Plan II students (BIO 301E)
Foreign Language Requirement

Proficiency through the fourth semester is required. Students may place out of some or all of the requirement.

Junior Seminars

Plan II students take two seminars in the junior year. Similar in format and approach to the first-year tutorials, the junior seminars often require term papers. Recent seminar topics include "Beauty and Politics," "Freedom of Expression," "Psychology and Religion," and "Lawyers, Ethics and Justice."

Humanities/Fine Arts

One course in one of the following:

  • Art History (any ARH course),
  • Music History (see approved list),
  • Theatre & Dance History (see approved list);
  • Upper division Classical Civilization (excluding CC 336 and CC 336A),
  • Upper division Literature (see approved list),
  • Upper division Humanities (HMN),
  • Upper division Philosophy.

Visual & Performing Arts and General Culture

One course from the approved course list of courses in:

  • American Studies,
  • Architecture,
  • Art History,
  • Classical Civilization,
  • Music Ensembles,
  • Fine Arts,
  • Music,
  • Philosophy,
  • Studio Art, and
  • Theater and Dance.

For lists of approved classes, see Advising Resources

Senior Thesis

This is the culmination of your honors work in Plan II. It should represent significant research or creativity, and be a source of pride to you in years to come

Students in departmental honors programs may satisfy the Plan II thesis requirement by writing a departmental honors thesis.

Questions concerning Plan II admission?  Please email Plan II Admissions Director, Kerry Pasquale.

Current Plan II Honors Students, Contact Plan II Honors Program Academic Advisors:

Melissa Ossian

Katie O'Donnell

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