Voltaire's Coffee: Dr. John Daly from the School of Communications; Fall 2009

NOTE: date correction: AUG 30

Sun, August 30, 2009 | This VC will be held on campus in the Joynes Suite, Carothers 007.

7:00 PM

Machiavelli’s The Prince, led by Dr. John Daly from the School of Communications.

The date of the VC is TENTATIVE.

About the book:
The Prince is a political treatise by the Florentine public servant and political theorist Niccolò Machiavelli. It examines the acquisition, perpetuation, and use of political power in the western world. Not intending his writing to be a scholarly treatise on political theory, Machiavelli wrote The Prince to prove his proficiency in the art of the state, offering advice on how a prince might gain and keep power.
About the professor:
Dr. John Daly (Ph.D., Purdue University, 1977) is the Liddell Centennial Professor of Communication, University Distinguished Teaching Professor, TCB Professor of Management, and an Adjunct Professor of Pharmacy. He has published more than one hundred articles and chapters in scholarly publications, and completed six books. Dr. Daly's interests focus on practical ways of improving the communication skills of individuals. Thus, he has examined topics such as shyness, personality difference in communication, communication difficulties people experience in their personal and professional relationships, and ways people advocate for their ideas. In recent years, he has worked with the White House on issues related to customer service and communication. Dr. Daly has been the winner of every campus-wide undergraduate teaching award. He was named a Fellow of the International Communication Association in recognition of his scholarly work. He has taught classes in interpersonal communication, persuasion and attitude change, and empirical research methods.


The date of the VC is TENTATIVE.

Sponsored by: Plan II Students Association and Plan II Honors Program

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