Voltaire's Coffee: Professor Galbraith (LBJ School of Public Affairs), The Fog of War by James G. Blight and Janet M. Lang

Winter Voltaire's Coffee Series - Spring 2010

Thu, January 21, 2010 | Locations will be on campus for easy access, exact location TBA.

7:00 PM

Voltaire's Coffees are about good books...
Voltaire's Coffees are about good books...

Everyone's favorite Plan II event from their freshman year is now open to ALL Plan II students in our new Winter Voltaire's Coffee Series!  Join us for an evening of all your favorite things: interesting books, stimulating discussion, amazing professors, engaging fellow students, and food, of course!  All VCs will be held between January 21 and January 29, before the homework really starts piling up. 

Professor Galbraith - The Fog of War by James G. Blight and Janet M. Lang

About the book:

This session will discuss historical mystery and moral dilemma through the prism of the life and career of Robert S. McNamara, Secretary of Defense under John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson, and architect of the Vietnam War.  Students should read the book, The Fog of War, by James G. Blight and Janet M. Lang. They should read the EPS Quarterly for October 2009, which is dedicated to McNamara.  I would also encourage those who have not done so also to view the 2004 Errol Morris documentary, Fog of War, readily available on DVD.

About the professor:

James K. Galbraith, an economist, holds the Lloyd M. Bentsen, jr Chair in Government/Business Relations at the LBJ School of Public Affairs.  He has written extensively on a narrow, hotly disputed historical question, namely: did JFK plan to withdraw US forces from Vietnam?

Limited spots are available, so registration is required!  Students can register by accessing the following link to the registration form beginning at noon on Monday, November 30th.  Registration will close on midnight of Friday, December 4th.  Registration is limited to one VC per student.   Link to registration form

Sponsored by: Plan II Students Association

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