Voltaire's Coffee: Professor Loehlin (English) Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov

Professor Loehlin - Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov

Fri, January 22, 2010 | Locations will be on campus for easy access, exact location TBA.

7:00 PM

Voltaire's Coffees are about good books...
Voltaire's Coffees are about good books...

Everyone's favorite Plan II event from their freshman year is now open to ALL Plan II students in our new Winter Voltaire's Coffee Series!  Join us for an evening of all your favorite things: interesting books, stimulating discussion, amazing professors, engaging fellow students, and food, of course!  All VCs will be held between January 21 and January 29, before the homework really starts piling up. 

Professor Loehlin - Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov

About the book:

Pale Fire (1962) is a novel by Vladimir Nabokov. The novel is presented as a poem titled "Pale Fire" with commentary by a friend of the poet's. Together these elements form a narrative in which both authors are central characters. Pale Fire has spawned a wide variety of interpretations and a large body of written criticism. The Nabokov authority Brian Boyd has called it "Nabokov's most perfect novel".

About the professor:

James Loehlin is Shakespeare at Winedale Regents Professor of English. He is a native Austinite and a Plan II graduate of UT; he also holds degrees from Oxford and Stanford.  His scholarship focuses on the history of plays in performance.  He has written widely about Shakespeare on stage and film, especially the history plays (he has written books on Henry IV and Henry V and articles on Henry VI and Richard III). He also works with modern drama, in particular the works of Anton Chekhov (his book on The Cherry Orchard was a runner-up for last year's Hamilton Award). As Director of the Shakespeare at Winedale program, he works with performance as a teaching method; he has directed forty productions of Shakespeare’s plays.  He has received several awards for teaching, including membership in the UT Academy of Distinguished Teachers.

Limited spots are available, so registration is required!  Students can register by accessing the following link to the registration form beginning at noon on Monday, November 30th.  Registration will close on midnight of Friday, December 4th.  Registration is limited to one VC per student.   Link to registration form

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