Broccoli Project Presents: Sexual Perversity in Chicago

Sat, April 3, 2010 | UTOPIA theater at the school of Social Work, 1925 San Jacinto Blvd

8:00 PM - 10:15 PM

Broccoli Project Presents: Sexual Perversity in Chicago

The Broccoli Project Presents:   Sexual Perversity in Chicago   By David Mamet
Sexual Perversity in Chicago is a profane work that examines the sex lives of two men and two women in the 1970's.

CAST   poster and cast photos
DANNY: Reagan Tankersley
DEBORAH: Bee Counts
BERNIE: Samuel Liebl
JOAN: Jenny Kutner

Directed by: Helena Stark

Assistant directed by: Andrew Wortham

Tickets are $5 at the door

The characters include:
Danny-- an impressionable young man searching for love, who gets lost in the gray area that resides somewhere between attraction and carnal pleasure.
Deborah-- a peppy young lady in her 20's, she develops a relationship with Danny that dives slowly down into apathy.
Bernie -- Danny's right-hand man and constant adviser, Bernie is opinionated, sexist, and full of lively stories detailing his exploits with various Chicago broads.
Joan-- angry and upset, Joan is a closeted lesbian who hides her attraction to Deborah through a mask of hate and depression. Her favorite pastime? Showing men how small they REALLY are.

Thursday: 3/25- 8pm
Friday: 3/26- 8pm
Saturday: 3/27- 8pm

Thursday: 4/1- 8pm (No, really)
Friday: 4/2- 8pm
Saturday: 4/3- 8pm

Sponsored by: Plan II Students Association and the Broccoli Project

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