Plan II Continuing Student Scholarship APPLICATION OPENS, February 13. DEADLINE, Tuesday, March 31, 2012 (midnight).

Mon, March 5, 2012 | Applications are submitted electronically:

8:00 AM - 11:30 PM

Plan II Continuing Student Scholarship APPLICATION OPENS, February 13.  DEADLINE, Tuesday, March 31, 2012 (midnight).

The electronic application system for Plan II Honors Continuing Scholarships will open on Monday, February 13, 2012.
Plan II Scholarship Application Submission Deadline:  Midnight, Saturday, March 31, 2012.   There are no exceptions.

Students must go on-line and complete the electronic application to be eligible for all Plan II Honors and all College of Liberal Arts Continuing Scholarships.   These are both NEED and MERIT scholarships.

****A separate electronic application is required for all UT Austin Continuing Scholarships.  The application is at   You must also submit this application to be eligible for Plan II scholarships.


Apply using the College of Liberal Arts Online Scholarship Portal:

  • If you have not used the system before, you will have to complete a one-time PROFILE.  
  • Then you will see a list of scholarships for which you are eligible to apply (based on major(s), GPA, number of hours, etc).
  • Students should apply for both the Plan II Continuing Scholarships 2012/2013 AND for the Plan II Continuing Endowed Presidential Scholarships 2012/2013 (unless the student is ineligible for the EPS due to too few credit hours or too low GPA)

All Plan II continuing scholarship applications require:

  • A cover letter (which includes your EID and a current email address), submitted electronically;
  • a statement of financial need and/or special circumstances (submitted electronically), and
  • a résumé (3 pages maximum, submitted electronically).

You should prepare these three documents in advance so that you can cut and paste them into the electronic system as needed.  Most Plan II students will be able to apply for two or more scholarships and will have to cut and paste the cover letter, financial statement and résumé into multiple electronic applications.

Look for the scholarship(s) titled, "Plan II Continuing ****
There should be:

  • Plan II Continuing Scholarship (2012/2013)" and
  • "Plan II Continuing Endowed Presidential Scholarships (2012/2013)."  

Other Plan II scholarships may appear, depending on the individual scholarship applicant's profile.  If the scholarship shows up in your listing, you are eligible and have the option of completing the application (you should apply to all for which you are eligible).  These scholarships are restricted by donors to Plan II students in specific areas of study (such as Plan II/Spanish Language & Culture; Plan II/Journalism [print journalism is preferenced]; Plan II and issues of social justice and social inequity, etc.).  

You must be registered for a minimum of 12 hours for any semester that you receive a scholarship.
Almost all of these are year-long scholarships and require full-time fall and spring registration.  You may not receive the scholarship if you are studying abroad during the fall or spring of the scholarship year unless it is a UT affiliated (exchange) program and you are registered for twelve (12) or more University of Texas course hours.  In most cases, but not all, you can receive a Continuing scholarship if you also receive Plan II study abroad, research, thesis or travel funding.


Plan II Scholarship Application Submission Deadline:  Midnight, Tuesday, March 31, 2012.   There are no exceptions.

Plan II will notify students of scholarship awards BY EMAIL in the summer--probably in mid- to late-July.
Plan II Continuing Student scholarships (including the Plan II scholarships awarded through the Texas Exes Association and through the Office of Student Financial Services [OSFS]) are awarded primarily on a FINANCIAL-NEED BASIS. Plan II students who do not COMPLETE AND SUBMIT BOTH THE UT OSFS CONTINUING SCHOLARSHIPS APPLICATION and the FAFSA are unlikely to receive any Plan II scholarship funding.


The FAFSA application, or lack of eligibility for financial aid with NOT hurt your chances of a scholarship award from Plan II Honors.

In many cases, a great portion of the need requirements of the students with the most financial need are met through Federal, State and University grants and scholarships.  Therefore, the students who have UNMET need are often those who would not necessarily have qualified for any support through the FAFSA application.  
Please DO NOT skip the application process because you think that you would not qualify for assistance because of your family's income!  It’s important to have the FAFSA application on record.

It is ALWAYS worth your time to complete the FAFSA. We must have a submitted FAFSA to consider you for some merit-based scholarships that have nothing to do with need. The WORST case scenario is that you put yourself in a position to receive much better interest rates on student or parent loans if you have to take loans.  
Please mention this email information to your friends, in case anyone missed the email.

These Continuing Student Scholarships are NOT Plan II Honors travel or thesis grants.  The travel and thesis grants application process information will appear in a separate special travel and thesis scholarship information email later in February or early March.

Questions:  Jennifer Scalora or Phillip Dubov 512-471-1442

Sponsored by: Plan II Honors Program

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