Voltaire's Coffee: The Social Conquest of Earth by E.O. Wilson, hosted by Dr. Austin Gleeson, professor of Physics

Thu, September 13, 2012 | Gleeson Home (4303 Endcliff Drive)

7:00 PM


The Social Conquest of Earth by  E.O. Wilson, hosted by Dr. Austin Gleeson, professor of Physics

Thursday, 13 September at 7pm, Gleeson Home (4303 Endcliff Drive)

Where did we come from? What are we? Where are we going? In a generational work of clarity and passion, one of our greatest living scientists directly addresses these three fundamental questions of religion, philosophy, and science while “overturning the famous theory that evolution naturally encourages creatures to put family first” (Discover magazine). Refashioning the story of human evolution in a work that is certain to generate headlines, Wilson draws on his remarkable knowledge of biology and social behavior to show that group selection, not kin selection, is the primary driving force of human evolution. He proves that history makes no sense without prehistory, and prehistory makes no sense without biology. Demonstrating that the sources of morality, religion, and the creative arts are fundamentally biological in nature, Wilson presents us with the clearest explanation ever produced as to the origin of the human condition and why it resulted in our domination of the Earth’s biosphere.

Professor Austin Gleeson, a theoretical physicist, received his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania in 1965.  He served on the faculty at Syracuse University and moved to The University of Texas in 1969.  He has served in a wide range of all faculty and administrative positions at The University.  He regularly teaches the Plan II physics course.  In addition, he has received many teaching awards including the 2000 Chad Oliver Award from the Plan II students and the 2008 Jeanne Holloway Teaching Excellence Award administered by the Ex-Students Association.

Sponsored by: Plan II Students Association (P2SA)

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