Voltaire's Coffee

P.G. Wodehouse wrote light comic romances mostly set in the upper class society of early twentieth century England. Jeeves, Bertie Wooster's gentleman's personal gentleman, is Wodehouse's most famous character. Bertie is constantly getting engaged to inappropriate women from whom Jeeves extricates him by brainy schemes. P.G. Wodehouse has a claim to being the best comic writer in English. If you are in the mood to be delighted, dip in.

Mon, August 28, 2006 | At his home. Map available in the Plan II Honors office, WC Hogg 4.104

7:00 PM

Sponsoring professor Michael Starbird is a professor of mathematics who won Plan II's Chad Oliver teaching award for his Plan II mathematics course, which introduces students to intriguing ideas including infinity, the fourth dimension, rubber sheet geometry, chaos, fractals, and coincidence. And if all goes well, you may one day hear him perform Jabberwocky in German.

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