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Pick up any newspaper, on any day of the week, and you will see abundant evidence of the increasing role of religion in our public life. Religious arguments are increasingly being brought to bear on a wide array of issues, ranging from stem cell research to poverty programs. The greatest part of this effort has come from the religious right, leading to a close identification between religious activism and conservative politics. In reaction, many liberals have become ever more opposed to religiou

Tue, August 29, 2006 | Carothers 007

7:00 PM

Sponsoring professor Wendy Domjan has a PhD in psychology from The University of Wisconsin, with specialties in perception and cognition. She has been teaching for Plan II since 1999, offering the SS 301 in psychology and a junior seminar in psychology and religion. Next spring, she will be teaching a freshman seminar on the psychology of optimism and virtue. Dr. Domjan received the College of Liberal Arts Harry Ransom Teaching Award in 2003, and the Plan II Chad Oliver Teaching Award in 2004. She is a practicing Jew, a community activist, a passionate reader of nearly everything, and a devoted fan of all forms of science fiction (especially Star Trek!).

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