Voltaire's Coffee

Both authors make vivid the difference between democracy and more authoritarian regimes at war, and both try to look beneath the surface of events to the real causes.

Washington's Crossing, a recent Pulitzer Prize winner in history, is a page-turner about a pivotal event in American history. Fischer brilliantly describes the different styles of command in the two armies, and shows how a series of good choices saved the American cause from defeat. Read as much of this as you'd like, bu

Wed, August 30, 2006 | At his home. Map available in the Plan II Honors office, WC Hogg 4.104

7:00 PM

Sponsoring professor Paul Woodruff is a philosopher and translator. He designs and builds furniture, rows a single scull on Town Lake, and hacks away at the cello from time to time. His current project is a book called the Necessity of Theater. He has had a little military experience, serving in Vietnam as a junior officer in 1969-70.

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