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The Mists of Avalon describes all the events in the legend of King Arthur from the point of view of the key women involved. The leading character of the book is the classically evil Morgana le Fay, called Morgaine in this book. The author skillfully describes her actions not as evil, but as an inevitable outcome of her heritage and duty to defend the old religion of the British Isles against the expansion of Christianity. The actions and foibles of the other leading ladies: Guinevere, Igraine, a

Sun, September 3, 2006 | Professor Eric Anslyn

7:00 PM

Sponsoring professor Eric Anslyn teaches beginning Organic Chemistry and graduate level Physical Organic Chemistry for which he has authored a book. He is a member of the Academy of Distinguished Teachers, and has won a series of teaching awards as well as awards for his scientific research. His hobbies include gardening, go-kart racing, art history, and the Arthurian Legends.

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