Spring Break 2007

Plan II Honors does not offer information sessions for prospective students this week.

Registration required to attend the information session and class visit. See Visiting Plan II Honors

Prospective students seeking more information should contact Plan II Honors Admissions Director, Jennifer Scalora.

Mon, March 12, 2007

We strongly discourage summer, weekend, or holiday visits for students interested in Plan II Honors--even if the summer visit is Honors Colloquium. Visits when classes are not in session simply cannot give a prospective student a clear picture of what this campus and its students are really like, don't allow for a visit to a real Plan II class, and don't afford the visitor a chance to meet current students and/or faculty. We want visitors to have all the important information they need to help them decide whether or not to apply, and eventually, whether or not to attend Plan II Honors and the University of Texas at Austin. You simply cannot get that kind of information from an empty campus with empty buildings. This is a busy and exciting place and you need to see it when it's "ON"--not during the summer when it's 104 and is so empty you expect a tumbleweed to go blowing by......that won't tell you anything about what it's like to go to school at UT Austin.

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