Fall 2007 Voltaire's Coffee with Professor Tom Palaima, Classics.

Sun, September 9, 2007 | Professor Palaima's home. Map will be available in Plan II office and information on carpooling provided to students who signed up for this coffee.

2:00 PM

Novelist and short story writer Wolff served as a junior officer adviser to a South Vietnamese army unit in the Mekong Delta for his tour in Vietnam. Wolff, a reluctant warrior at best, offers in this memoir an idiosyncratic, witty, and thoroughly enjoyable glimpse into his military service and his civilian life immediately before and after Vietnam. This extended essay is not so much a combat narrative as the story of a young man's struggle to reach maturity and coming to terms with his family, his loves, his America, and himself. Wolff's characters (most especially his father and the long-suffering Sergeant Benet) and the American and Vietnamese settings are vividly depicted in a style only a skilled craftsman could devise.

Sponsored by: Plan II Students Association and Plan II Honors Program

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