FALL 2007 UNIVERSITY LECTURE SERIES: Creating a Campus-Wide Conversation

Tue, October 2, 2007 | The Frank Erwin Center. 90-minute event.

6:00 PM

Steven Weinberg won the Nobel Prize in 1979 for his work on what is called the weak force in particle physics. A prolific writer, he is well known for his ability to explain scientific issues to the general public. He will speak on priorities for public spending in research. The ULS is designed to give students an opportunity to hear leading members of our faculty--scholars, scientists and public figures who are well known nationally and internationally. A diverse faculty panel will discuss each lecture immediately afterward, for the benefit of the students, and the students will have an opportunity to discuss the issues among themselves.

Sponsored by: Sponsored by the Offices of the President and of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies

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