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Photo of Clare Brock

Clare Brock

Graduate student

Education: MA, University of Texas

Interests: American Politics, Public Policy, Food and Agricultural Policy, Lobbying, Agenda Setting, Content Analysis, American Political Development

Photo of Alvaro Corral

Alvaro Corral

Graduate student |
Batts 1.118

Education: BA, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Latino Politics, Immigration Policy, Racial and Ethnic Politics in America, Race and Representation, American Politics

Photo of Kyle Endres

Kyle Endres

Graduate student

Education: BA, The University of Texas at Austin; MA The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Campaigns and Elections, Public Opinion, Political Participation

Joanne D. Ibarra

Graduate student

Education: BA, University of California, Berkeley

Photo of Jennifer E. Lamm

Jennifer E. Lamm

Assistant Instructor |
Mezes 3.212

Education: Master of Arts, University of Texas at Austin

Byung-Jae Lee

Graduate student

Education: BA, Yonsei University; MA, Yonsei University; MA, University of Washington

Photo of Kenneth Miller

Kenneth Miller

Graduate student

Education: MAP University of Akron, BA Cleveland State University

Interests: Political communication, political parties, campaigns and elections

Photo of Rachel Navarre

Rachel Navarre

Graduate student

Education: BA, Knox College

Interests: Immigration policy and politics, comparative public policy, European politics, American politics, Content Analysis

Photo of Joe Roberto Tafoya

Joe Roberto Tafoya

PhD Candidate

Interests: American/Race and Ethnicity/Latino Politics, Public Policy, Research Methods

Photo of Herschel F. Thomas III

Herschel F. Thomas III

Graduate student

Education: MA UT-Austin (2011), MA Penn State (2009), BA/BPHIL Penn State (2009)

Shinya Wakao

Graduate student

Education: BA, Meiji Gakuin University; MA, Keio University