The Population Research Center (PRC) aims to provide outstanding infrastructure resources and sustain a dynamic interdisciplinary culture geared toward facilitating the highest level of population-related research among its faculty members and graduate and undergraduate trainees. The PRC supports research that moves well beyond the bounds of traditional demography to the cutting edge of population research. 

To advance our research agenda, we provide PRC affiliates with state-of-the-art administrative and computing services as well as a dedicated development team. Further, we support researchers with active collaborators and mentors within the PRC, a Brownbag Series to extend their research interests, and dedicated space to conduct their research and training activities.

Underlying the work of the PRC is a foundation that emphasizes:

  1. fundamental attention to issues of social and economic inequality, particularly by race/ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic status;
  2. rigorous attention to, and application of, the most appropriate and advanced methodological techniques; and
  3. an orientation toward federal and major foundation grant funding and publication in top quality scientific journals.

Most of the research is concentrated in four overlapping and reinforcing thematic areas: Health Disparities; Parenting, Partnering and Human Development; Educational Inequality and Opportunity; and Socioeconomic Inequality and Work. Many PRC researchers work in more than one of these overlapping and reinforcing areas, and in collaborative, interdisciplinary teams.

The PRC also hosts various projects on special topics relevant to contemporary population studies.  

PRC Directors

Debra Umberson, Director

Elizabeth Gershoff, Associate Director, Faculty Development

Pam Paxton, Associate Director, Statistical/Technical & Computing

Kelly Raley, Associate Director, Training Director

Shannon Cavanagh, Assistant Training Director

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