Connor Sheehan

M.A., University of Colorado at Boulder

PRC Graduate Student Trainee
Connor Sheehan



Connor Sheehan is generally interested in social determinants of health, social demography, gerontology medical sociology, and quantitative methods. His previous research has used quantitative techniques and has appeared in journals such as Addiction, Social Science Research, The Journal of Drug Issues, Population Research and Policy Review, The Journal of Aging and Health, and Research on Aging.  He is committed to disseminating his research to policy makers and the public.

His dissertation analyzes how large social institutions such as the military and jails and prisons influence individual health and population level health disparities.  For example, he compares black/white differences in risk of death among veterans to civilian non-veterans. He also analyzes how educational disparities among the incarcerated in specific health conditions.  In jail/prison, almost all of the intervening mechanisms through which education promotes health are held relatively constant (e.g., with residential location, diet, ability to exercise), allowing the importance of education for health conditions to be analyzed. He is also interested in how social processes can be better measured quantitatively.

Connor has taught or been a teaching assistant most semesters at UT, for such classes as: Introduction to Sociology, Life and Death Decisions, Introduction to Statistics, and Research Methods.

He received his BA and MA in Geography from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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