Emily Paine

PRC Graduate Student TraineeM.A., University of Texas at Austin



Health, Gender & Gender Identity, Sexualities, Race & Ethnicity, Intersectionality, Mixed Methods, Social Movements.


Emily is a fourth year doctoral student in the Department of Sociology studying the interplay among sexual, racial, and gender identities, social institutions like the healthcare system, health, and social movements.

Specifically, she is currently working to: identify barriers and facilitators to healthcare among sexual and gender identity minorities; examine how organizational contexts structure the ways in which sexual and gender identity minorities experience health and healthcare; explain how some health social movement aims successfully shift medical discourse, while others fail; and compare health behaviors and experiences of LGBTQ and straight individuals and couples.

Emily's master's thesis explored how health-related midlife transitions shape experiences of sex and sexuality among women in both same-sex and different-sex long-term relationships. Her dissertation research investigates sexual and gender identity minority experiences of healthcare across care contexts through in-depth interviews with a racially diverse sample of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and genderqueer individuals.

At UT, Emily has worked as a research assistant for: Dr. Debra Umberson's Health and Relationships Project, funded by the National Institute for Aging; the related Massachusetts Health and Relationships Project, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; and Dr. David Pedulla's project examining "Non-Standard, Contingent, and Precarious Work in the 'New Economy.'"

She is currently a co-investigator and project coordinator for the "Texas Dyadic Diabetes Study: Diabetes Management in Lation, White, and Black Couples" (PI: Dr. Tetyana Pudrovska) and a research assistant for Dr. Pudrovska's WILLSHE project.

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