Patrick Tennant

PRC Graduate Student TraineeM.S., Northwestern University

Patrick Tennant



Patrick's primary area of interest is adult romantic relationships, particularly those in times of transition, including relationships initiation, decision to marry, transition to parenthood, and the launching of children. Research providing potential for policy change, education, and intervention are of particular interest. Additional areas of interests include attraction, mate selection, and systemic influences thereon.


WGS 301 • Family Relationships

46480 • Spring 2015
Meets MWF 2:00PM-3:00PM NOA 1.102
(also listed as HDF 304)

This course will be oriented around your gaining an understanding of family relationships across the (relationship) life span, but with a particular focus on relationship development, maintenance, and parenting. As an introductory course, we will not spend much time on any particular topic, but rather will touch on many of the major areas of the field. Each of these topic areas could easily take entire summer sessions to cover in depth; my goal is for you to leave the class with a broad understanding of the field as well as an appreciation for the theories and research that guide our understanding of the topic. Throughout the course, I will stress the importance of utilizing sound research in the quest for understanding the development, maintenance, and dissolution of family relationships. You will be expected to learn numerous new concepts and be able to apply them to unique situations.


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