Department of Psychology
Department of Psychology

Research Participation

Attention PIs: You must get IRB approval for both the content and the location of postings on web sites.

These ads are strictly for non-301 research. Anything generating credit for PSY 301 participation can be found on the Sona system. Contact the Research Coordinator in SEA 4.212 or email to sign up for PSY 301 credit.


The Social Development Lab

The Social Development Lab at the University of Texas at Austin is seeking 18-24 year-olds to participate in a paid research study. In this study, you will view a series of faces and judge them on different characteristics. All data collected is completely confidential.

If you are interested in the study, please contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment at Participation takes 1 hour and participants will be compensated $10 cash. This study has been approved by The University of Texas at Austin Institutional Review Board. (posted: 5/16/16)

The Anxiety & Health Behaviors Lab

The Anxiety & Health Behaviors Lab is looking for daily smokers who are motivated to quit and would like to participate in a research study examining a treatment to help people quit smoking. The study includes an individual program to help you quit smoking that may include medication. Participants will meet once weekly for 1-½ hours for 7 weeks and 5 follow-up visits. Compensation up to $200 will be provided for your time. Please contact or call (512) 471-1117 to reach the study coordinator. (updated: 1/12/17)

The Anxiety & Health Behaviors Lab

The Anxiety & Health Behaviors Lab is looking for individuals who experience a sense of fear or embarrassment in social situations to participate in a treatment study examining effective treatments to help people with Social Anxiety Disorder.

The study includes questionnaire completion, a psychological interview, a 5 week group therapy program that includes medication, and 3 follow-up visits. Participants are compensated $25 for each follow-up visit.  If this sounds like something you may be interested in, please call the Anxiety & Health Behaviors Lab at (512) 471‐1117 or email 1/13/17)

Learning and Decision-Making Lab

Researchers at The University of Texas at Austin are looking for adults (ages 21 to 35) to participate in a study examining whether genetic factors are important in learning. The study takes place at The University of Texas at Austin and involves completing an interview and completing computerized tasks. 

Eligible participants will receive $8 an hour for completing the assessments and experiments. Participants will also be given a $10 bonus for completing both research sessions. All appointments will take place at The University of Texas at Austin campus. You will need to complete a screening interview to determine whether you are eligible for this study.

If you would like to receive more information about the study, please e-mail or call (512) 232-2883 to reach the study coordinator. We will make every effort to respond in a timely manner. Thank you in advance for your understanding. (updated: 1/10/17)

Learning and Decision-Making Lab

The Learning and Decision-Making Lab seeks volunteers (ages 18 to 35) to participate in a decision-making experiment. Participants will be randomly assigned to either receive 1000-mg dose of acetaminophen (Tylenol) or receive 1000-mg dose of a placebo before the experiment. Please email the lab at to set up an appointment. Each session lasts 1-2 hours and pays $10 per hour.  (updated: 1/10/17)

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