Department of Psychology
Department of Psychology

Supplies and Computers


OFFICE MAX orders are generally placed on the same day that the request is received. Orders are generally delivered to the Business Office on the following business day.

All of our basic Office Supplies must be ordered from OFFICE MAX

To place an order for office supplies, go to this link:

Office Max Web Order Form

Office Max Main Page


The University has standing contracts with both Apple and Dell that allows us access to lower prices and free shipping. 

To order a computer or components, please follow the appropriate link and follow the directions.

In both cases, you will be required to create either a proposal or a quote. This must be done first, and a copy must be sent to Barbara Landberg.

However, to actually purchase the computer, sending Barbara the quote or proposal is not enough.  You must submit a Purchase Request Form. "Fill it out like you would any other Purchase Request, but be sure to include the quote/proposal number in the appropriate field." The Purchase Request Form authorizes your account manager to actually place the order.


To purchase self-configured Apple products, please use the following procedure:

  • Go to
  • Click “Apple.”
  • Click “Shop For Your Department.”
  • Click "Continue". You will be taken to the Apple Online Store.
  • Select a machine and configure your order.
  • Click “Add To Cart” and and review your cart.
  • Click "Create Proposal" and  enter your Apple ID.  (Please set up an Apple ID if you do not already have one.  The process takes no longer than 5 minutes.)
  • Use "" as  the Purchasing Agent's Email Address. You MUST use  this address to get HUB credit for your purchase.
  • Use as the Additional Email Address and click "Continue."
  • Print or save the page with your web proposal number.
  • Fill out and submit a Purchase Request Form. Include the proposal number, and item(s) information.


You may configure your computer yourself or have Liberal Arts Tech Staff configure one for you. Make an appointment with the Tech Staff to configure your computer by contacting After your meeting, generate an E-quote and email it to your account manager, along with the Purchase Request form.

To configure a Dell PC yourself and have Liberal Arts Tech Staff approve the setup, proceed as follows:

The new Dell Premier Site allows you to create your own personal profile for logging on to the site with your own personal password.  In order to set up your profile the first time you log on to the new site, you will be required to provide the previous UT-Wide Username and Password (see instructions below).

If you already have a profile registered with Dell:

  • Click “Retrieve your Personal Profile,” enter your Email address and Personal Password and click “Submit.”
  • On the screen with “Account” (University of Texas [Buyer] is the only option) and “Password,” choose your password. Click “Sign-in.”

If you have not used this site before - UT AUSTIN ONLY:

  • Go to
  • Create a profile on “Set up your Dell Profile” and click “Submit.”
  • On the Premier Screen, to obtain a configuration price, you can choose a “Standard Configuration” or create your own system.
    • For a desktop, the standard Dell Optiplex with some modifications has proven the best price/performance.
  • To configure your own system select “Systems”. Use the “Customize” button to custom configure a selected machine.
  • After any configuration click “Update Price”.  Otherwise skip to next step.
  • Click “Configuration Details”. Print or save this page.
  • Click “Save E-quote.”
  • Fill in required information about yourself and in the “Send this E-Quote to your Buyer” section.
  • Send the Equote to Barbara Landberg at
  • Click Continue to see your equote number. Print or save this page
  • When you get your approval from Liberal Arts Tech Staff, submit a PURCHASE REQUEST FORM to your account manager.
    • Include the E-quote number and item(s) information.
    • E-quotes are generally valid for 30 days.

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