Department of Psychology
Department of Psychology

Faculty Labs & Affiliated Organizations

Beer, Jennifer: Self Regulation Lab

Beevers, Christoper: Mood Disorders Laboratory | Institute for Mental Health Research

Bigler, Rebecca: Children's Research Lab

Booth, Amy: Little Learners Lab

Buchanan, Robert: Human Brain Stimulation and Electrophysiology Lab

Buss, David: Evolutionary Psychology Research Lab

Church-Lang, Jessica: Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Lab

Cormack, Lawrence: Center for Perceptual Systems

Crews, David: Reproductive Biology Laboratory

Delville, Yvon: Behavioral Neuroendocrinology Lab

Dominguez, Juan: The Neuroendocrinology and Motivation Lab

Echols, Catharine: Language Development LabChildren's Research Lab

Fromme, Kim: Studies on Alcohol, Health, and Risky Activities (SAHARA) Laboratory

Gawronski, Bertram:  Social Cognition Lab

Geisler, Bill: Center for Perceptual Systems | Space Variant Imaging | Natural Scene Statistics

Gilden, David: Center for Perceptual Systems

Gonzalez-Lima, Francisco: Gonzalez-Lima Lab | Texas Consortium in Behavioral Neuroscience

Gore, Andrea: Gore Lab

Gosling, Sam: Human and Animal Personality Lab | Animal Personality Institute

Griffin, Zenzi: The Cognition & Communication Lab

Haley, Andreana: Clinical Neuroscience Lab

Harden, Kathryn Paige: Developmental Behavior Genetics Lab | The University of Texas Twin Registry

Holahan, Josh: Occupational Health Psychology

Huk, Alex: Huk Lab

Jones, Theresa: Jones Lab

Josephs, Robert: Clinical Neuroendocrinology Lab

Langlois, Judith: Langlois Social Development LabChildren's Research Lab

Legare, Cristine: Cognition, Culture, and Development Lab Children's Research Lab

Lee, HongJoo (Joanne): Lee Lab

Lewis-Peacock, Jarrod: Lewis-Peacock Lab

Maddox, Todd: Laboratory for the Cognitive Neuroscience of Categorization and Decision Making

Markman, Art: Similarity and Cognition Lab:

Meston, Cindy: Sexual Psychophysiology Laboratory

Monfils, Marie: Monfils Lab

Nadasdy, Zoltan: Human Brain Stimulation and Electrophysiology Lab

Neal-Beevers, Rebecca: The Child Development in Context Laboratory | Institute for Mental Health Research

Pennebaker, James: Language and Health Psychology Lab

Preston, Alison: Preston Memory Lab | Center for Learning and Memory

Ramirez, Manuel: Laboratory of Multicultural Processes and Mental Health

Schallert, Tim: Schallert Lab

Schnyer, David: Schnyer Lab

Seidemann, Eyal: Center for Perceptual Systems

Smits, Jasper: Anxiety & Health Behaviors Lab

Stice, Eric: Adolescent Health and Development Lab

Swann, William: Groups and Interpersonal Processes Lab

Telch, Mike: Laboratory for the Study of Anxiety Disorders

Tucker-Drob, Elliot: Lifespan Development Lab | The University of Texas Twin Registry

Woolley, Jacqueline: Imagination and Cognition LabChildren's Research Lab

Yarkoni, Tal: Psychoinformatics Lab

Yeager, David: Adolescent Development Research Group | Children's Research Lab

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