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Clinical Psychology

Photo of Scarlett Baird

Scarlett Baird

Graduate student |
CLA 4.600

Education: M.A., The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: CBT, Veteran Reintegration, Determinants of Treatment Adherence, Physical Activity

Alex Birdsill

Graduate student |
SEA 4.111D

Interests: neuropsychology, aging, neuroimaging

Photo of Emily Carl

Emily Carl

Anxiety & Health Behaviors Lab |
CLA 4.600

Education: M.A., Boston University

Interests: Novel treatments, anxiety treatment, GAD, exercise, eating, smoking, rumination, mindfulness, personalized medicine, ecological momentary assessment, augmentative treatment strategies

Julia Chafkin

Graduate student |
SEA 3.412

Interests: Neuroendocrinology, Perinatal Mental Health, Postpartum Mental Health, Neonatal and Child Development, Adolescent Endocrinology

Adam Cobb

Adam R. Cobb, MA, LPC |
SEA 3.112e

Education: MA, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Interests: Etiology and treatment of anxiety, fear and traumatic stress-related disorders.

Photo of Justin Dainer-Best

Justin Dainer-Best

Graduate student

Education: B.A., Haverford College

Photo of Michelle Davis

Michelle Davis

Graduate student

Education: M.A., Southern Methodist University

Photo of Darius Dawson

Darius Dawson

Graduate student |
512-471-9116 |
SEA 2.314

Education: M.A., San Diego State University

Interests: Ethnic Differences in Substance Use Behaviors; Behavioral Change Mechanisms

Photo of Alexandra Dowd

Alexandra Dowd

Child Development in Context Lab |
(512) 471-5414 |
CLA 4.102

Photo of Ariel Handy

Ariel Handy

Graduate student |
SEA 3.318

Education: BA, University of Vermont

Interests: Brief interventions for sexual dysfunction, sexuality in special populations, sexuality across cultures

Photo of Jolene Jacquart

Jolene Jacquart

Graduate student |
CLA 4.600

Education: M.A., The University of Texas - Austin

Interests: Health Behaviors, CBT & Exposure Therapy, Exercise, Mindfulness

Photo of Ellie Shuo Jin

Ellie Shuo Jin

Graduate Student |
512-232-2215 |
SEA 3.426F

Education: B.A., McGill University

Interests: Psychoneuroendocrinology

Photo of Chelsea Kilimnik

Chelsea Kilimnik

Graduate student |
SEA 3.318

Education: M.Sc, Trent University

Interests: Sexual violence, non-consensual sexual experiences and subjective identification, sexual well-being and functioning, sexual self-schemas

Photo of Natalie Kretsch

Natalie Kretsch

Graduate student

Education: M.A., The University of Texas at Austin

Photo of Travis Mallard

Travis Mallard

Graduate student

Interests: Genetics, alcohol and drug abuse, addiction, externalizing psychopathology

Elise Marino

Graduate student

Photo of Michael Mullarkey

Michael Mullarkey

Graduate student |
Seay 4.310

Interests: Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance, Beliefs About Emotions, Brief Interventions

Photo of Stephanie Oleson

Stephanie Oleson

Graduate student |
SEA 4.111D

Education: MA, San Diego State University

Interests: Vascular mechanisms of cognitive decline; identifying modifiable risk factors for dementia

Photo of Santiago Papini

Santiago Papini

Graduate student

Education: MA, CUNY-City College

Interests: experimental psychopathology, latent growth mixture modeling, network analysis, machine learning

Megan Patterson

Graduate student

Photo of Rahel Pearson

Rahel Pearson

Graduate student

Education: M.S., The University of Amsterdam

Photo of Derek Pisner

Derek Pisner

Graduate student |
703-200-8389 |
CLA 4.600

Education: B.A., The University of Virginia

Interests: Clinical Diagnostics and Treatment, Personalize Medicine, Machine Learning/ Data Mining, Diffusion Tensor Imaging, rsfMRI, BCI's, Connectomics

Photo of Leslie Rice

Leslie Rice

Graduate student

Education: B.A., Wake Forest University

Interests: Neuropsychological rehabilitation, neuropsychoendocrinology, stress-linked mental illness, first responders, CBT and functional impairment

Photo of Mikael Rubin

Mikael Rubin

Graduate student

Education: M.A., The City College of New York

Photo of Amelia Stanton

Amelia Stanton

Graduate student

Interests: female sexual dysfunction, childhood sexual abuse

Photo of Aliza Stein

Aliza Stein

Graduate Student |
CLA 4.600

Education: B.A., Boston University

Interests: Novel Interventions for Mood and Anxiety Disorders, PTSD, CBT, Expsosure Therapy

Emily Wilhite

Graduate student |
SEA 2.302B

Photo of Eric Zaizar

Eric Zaizar

Graduate student

Education: B.A., University of Texas

Interests: Anxiety-related disorders, clinical trials, experimental psychopathology, mechanisms of exposure therapy, translational research.

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