Department of Psychology
Department of Psychology

Undergraduate Research Opportunities


Basic problems and principles of human experience and behavior.

Research requirement: Students enrolled in PSY 301 must fulfill a research requirement consisting of either participation in psychological research studies as a subject or writing a paper on psychological research, in addition to class work.

For Drs. Pennebaker and Gosling's computer-intensive online PSY 301 course, please visit for more information.


Gain supervised research experience. (May not be counted toward a major in psychology.)

The purpose of this individual instruction course is to provide an opportunity for advanced and qualified undergraduates to obtain first-hand, supervised research experience in psychology. The student will usually assist a professor with a research project by helping to prepare the study and by running subjects in the study. The student may work with a graduate student who is doing research supervised by a professor. The student should not expect to be able to conduct an experiment of his/her own.

Prerequisite: At least thirty semester hours of college coursework, Psychology 301 with a grade of at least C, and consent of instructor.

Restricted enrollment; contact the department for permission to register for this class. Offered on the pass/fail basis only. May be repeated for credit.

The Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE)

The Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) is a summer internship program that takes place on The University of Texas at Austin campus for undergraduate students attending other colleges or universities in the state of Texas who are interested in research in psychology.

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