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Liberal Arts Commencement

Friday May 19, 2017⋅11:30 AM

Erwin Center

Thinkery21: TEXAS

Thursday May 18, 2017⋅7:00 PM

1830 Simond Ave, Austin, Texas 78723

Teaching through Dialogue: Spring 2017 Difficult Dialogues Symposium

Monday May 8, 2017⋅9:00 AM

Etter-Harbin Alumni Center, Schmidt & Nowotny Rooms, 2110 San Jacinto Blvd., Austin, TX 78712

Femme Friday Series: Middle of Nowhere

Friday May 5, 2017⋅6:00 PM

Bob Bullock Theatre

Nobody’s Darling: Women and Representation

Thursday May 4, 2017⋅5:30 PM

Christian-Green Gallery; 201 E. 21st Austin, TX 78701

Controversy & Conversation Film Screening: "Code Black"

Thursday May 4, 2017⋅6:30 PM

APL Terrazas Branch, 1105 East Cesar Street, Austin, TX, 78702

The Invention of Food

Friday April 28, 2017⋅3:00 PM

CLA 1.302B

A Princess Out Of Place: A Talk By Dr. Ebony Thomas

Friday April 28, 2017⋅3:30 PM

CLA 1.302E

The Invention of Food

Thursday April 27, 2017⋅3:00 PM

CLA 1.302B

Buddhism and Place-Making in Sri Lanka

Saturday April 22, 2017⋅10:00 AM

Meyerson Conference Room (WCH 4.118)

Poetry Reading: Dr. Rafael Campo

Friday April 21, 2017⋅12:00 PM

Blanton Museum of Art Atrium

“Training the Eye, Hearing the Heart:  Art, Poetry, and Healing”

Friday April 21, 2017⋅6:00 PM

POB 2.302 (Avaya Auditorium)

Annual Events: Yoruba Day

Friday April 21, 2017⋅12:00 PM

Gordon-White Building (GWB) 2.206; 210 West 24th Street

Museum Walk with Ray Williams / Gallery Conversation with Rafael Campo

Thursday April 20, 2017⋅7:30 PM

Blanton Museum of Art

History Honors Research Symposium 2017

Thursday April 20, 2017⋅10:00 AM

GAR 1.102

Mellon Mays Lecture with Ana Elizabeth Rosas

Tuesday April 18, 2017⋅12:00 PM

GWB 2.206

Spring 2017 George I. Sánchez Memorial Lectures in the Social Sciences and Education

Tuesday April 18, 2017⋅4:00 PM

Room 2.206 (Multi-Purpose Room), Gordon-White Building (GWB), The University of Texas at Austin

Democracy and Action Reading Group: The Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Tuesday April 18, 2017⋅7:00 PM

651 N Pleasant Valley Rd, Austin, TX 78702

Panel Discussion: Deep History (Method Series)

Thursday April 13, 2017⋅4:00 PM

GAR 4.100

#Black Represents: Master Seminar with Lorraine O'Grady

Wednesday April 12, 2017⋅11:30 AM

GWB 2.116D

NAIS Presents: A Talk by Maya-Ixil Leaders from Guatemala

Wednesday April 12, 2017⋅4:00 PM

CLA 1.302E

CMAS Latina/o Media Makers Series presents Jim Mendiola

Tuesday April 11, 2017⋅5:30 PM

Belo Center for New Media (BMC 5.102)

Career Diversity Symposium for Ph.D. Students

Friday April 7, 2017⋅8:30 AM

CLA 1.302B

CREEES Graduate Research Symposium

Friday April 7, 2017⋅9:00 AM

Burdine Hall (BUR) 231

The Uses of Jewishness in Late-Colonial Cuba

Friday April 7, 2017⋅12:00 PM

CLA 2.402

The Speaking Qur'an: Revelation in Sunni & Shi'a Islam

Friday April 7, 2017⋅2:30 PM

CLA 0.102

Controversy & Conversation Film Screening: "How to Change the World"

Thursday April 6, 2017⋅6:30 PM

APL Terrazas Branch Library

Migration and Memoir: A Conversation with Reyna Grande

Thursday April 6, 2017⋅5:00 PM

College of Liberal Arts Building | CLA 1.302B | The University of Texas at Austin

Roundtable: "A Historical Divide: The Partition of India at 70"

Tuesday April 4, 2017⋅3:30 PM

GAR 4.100

Career Fair Success Strategies Workshop

Monday April 3, 2017⋅2:00 PM

FAC 18 Library

Webinar: Career Fair Success Strategies

Monday April 3, 2017⋅5:00 PM


Poetry Reading with Navajo/Diné Poet Rex Lee Jim

Thursday March 30, 2017⋅4:00 PM

UT Poetry Center (PCL 2.500)

Symposium: Rethinking Late Ottoman Civilization

Friday March 24, 2017⋅8:00 AM

CLA 1.302B

#BlackRepresents: Performing Blackness Series

Friday March 24, 2017⋅8:00 PM

The Vortex Theatre; 2307 Manor Road Austin, TX

Salón Cultural: Race, Writing, and Culture

Thursday March 23, 2017⋅7:00 PM

GWB 2.206

The Trojan War: Our Warrior Chorus

Wednesday March 22, 2017⋅7:00 PM

McCullough Theatre

Surviving the Holocaust: A Talk by Laszlo Schwartz

Wednesday March 22, 2017⋅5:00 PM

CLA 0.126

When We Are Bold: an afternoon of storytelling, inspiration and conversation

Wednesday March 22, 2017⋅3:00 PM

Glickman Conference Center (CLA 1.302E)

Bob Dylan: The Next Generation Undergraduate Lecture Series

Tuesday March 21, 2017⋅7:00 PM

Texas Union Theatre (UNB 2.228)

Ars Poetica: Culture, Politics & Poetry by Adi Keissar

Tuesday March 21, 2017⋅7:00 PM

CLA 1.302D

MALS Lecture Series: Luvell Anderson

Monday March 20, 2017⋅3:00 PM

Room 2.206 (Multi-Purpose Room), Gordon-White Building (GWB), The University of Texas at Austin

Islamophobia: The Current State of Muslim and Arab American Health

Friday March 10, 2017⋅12:00 PM

CLA 1.302E

Humanities Research Symposium

Friday March 10, 2017⋅8:30 AM

SAC 2.302

Age of Ambition: Truth, Faith & Fortune in China

Wednesday March 8, 2017⋅6:00 PM

Belo New Media Center

Free Speech Essay Contest Deadline

Monday March 6, 2017⋅9:00 AM


The Warrior Chorus Community Discussion

Sunday March 5, 2017⋅2:30 PM

Austin History Center, 810 Guadalupe St.

Explore UT: Songs and Tales from Around the World

Saturday March 4, 2017⋅12:00 PM

PAR 303

Explore UT Concert: Alash Tuvan Throat Singing Ensemble

Saturday March 4, 2017⋅11:00 AM

UT Campus, Mezes Hall (MEZ) Auditorium, 1.306

Workshop: Activism, Art, and Aesthetics in Postcolonial South Asia

Friday March 3, 2017⋅9:00 AM

Meyerson Conference Room (WCH 4.118)

Russia, the US and Europe: A New Roadmap for European Security?

Friday March 3, 2017⋅2:30 PM

LBJ School of Public Affairs Room 3.124

Native Community Mapping Workshop

Friday March 3, 2017⋅11:00 AM

CLA 2.706

UT Nonprofit Career Forum

Wednesday March 1, 2017⋅4:30 PM

CLA Glickman Conference Center

Cells, Genes, and Stories: HeLa’s Journey from Labs to Literature

Wednesday March 1, 2017⋅7:00 PM

Avaya Auditorium

Film screening: Sunú

Thursday February 23, 2017⋅4:30 PM

Prothro Theater in the Harry Ransom Center, 300 W 21st St.

Food Revolutions Keynote

Wednesday February 22, 2017⋅5:00 PM

Texas Union Quadrangle Room (UNB 3.304), 2400 Guadalupe Street

Roundtable: "Loving" After Fifty Years

Tuesday February 21, 2017⋅3:30 PM

Liberal Arts Building, Glickman Conference Center, CLA 1.302B

Reconstruction and the American Political Tradition

Thursday February 16, 2017⋅4:00 PM

AT&T Center, Amphiteater 204

The United States from the Inside Out and the Southside North

Wednesday February 15, 2017⋅4:00 PM

AT&T Center, Amphiteater 204

LLILAS Book Talk: Freedom from Work by Daniel Fridman

Monday February 13, 2017⋅12:00 PM

SRH 1.208

Charter Schools and Equity in Education

Friday February 10, 2017⋅12:00 PM

Francis Auditorium, The University of Texas School of Law

Coups, Conspiracies, and Credibility: Experimental Evidence from Turkey

Thursday February 9, 2017⋅11:00 AM

CAL 516 Reading Room

The Seven Keys to Communicating in Brazil

Thursday February 9, 2017⋅4:00 PM

SRH 1.313

UTeach-Liberal Arts Talk

Wednesday February 8, 2017⋅5:30 PM

Caffé Medici

Black Policy Symposium: Critically Analyzing and Interrogating the Movement for Black Lives Policy Agenda

Wednesday February 8, 2017⋅2:30 PM

GWB (Gordon-White Building) Room 2.206

Conference: Forugh Farrokhzad Fifty Years Later

Saturday February 4, 2017⋅12:30 PM

MEZ 1.306

Gaming the Medical Humanities

Friday February 3, 2017⋅5:30 PM

GDC 1.304

Alternate Reality Games: An Artist's Talk & Discussion

Thursday February 2, 2017⋅5:00 PM

GDC 1.304


Tuesday January 31, 2017⋅5:00 PM

Hall of Honors

O N E E V E R Y O N E by Ann Hamilton

Saturday January 28, 2017

O N E E V E R Y O N E by Ann Hamilton

Friday January 27, 2017

Thomas Whitbread Memorial Reading

Friday January 27, 2017⋅4:30 PM

PCL 2.500

O N E E V E R Y O N E by Ann Hamilton

Thursday January 26, 2017

Faculty Book Talk: The Price for Their Pound of Flesh

Wednesday January 25, 2017⋅6:00 PM

Gordon White Building (GWB) 2.206

Religion Around Billie Holiday: An Evening of Music and Conversation

Wednesday January 25, 2017⋅7:00 PM

The Victory Grill

Art Meets Activism—Llewellyn Xavier’s George Jackson Series

Tuesday January 24, 2017⋅12:00 PM

210 W 24th St; GWB 2.204

Panel: The Future of US-Russia Relations under a Trump Presidency

Monday January 23, 2017⋅5:30 PM

Avaya Auditorium (POB 2.302)

Art Meets Activism—Llewellyn Xavier’s George Jackson Series

Monday January 23, 2017⋅12:00 PM

210 W 24th St; GWB 2.204

Art Meets Activism—Llewellyn Xavier’s George Jackson Series

Sunday January 22, 2017⋅12:00 PM

210 W 24th St; GWB 2.204

Art Meets Activism—Llewellyn Xavier’s George Jackson Series

Saturday January 21, 2017⋅12:00 PM

210 W 24th St; GWB 2.204

Twerk the Inauguration: A Woman of Color Feminist Twerkshop with Shakia Williams

Friday January 20, 2017⋅11:00 AM

CLA 1.302B (Glickman Conference Center)

Add/Drop Deadline

Friday January 20, 2017


Art Meets Activism—Llewellyn Xavier’s George Jackson Series

Friday January 20, 2017⋅12:00 PM

210 W 24th St; GWB 2.204

Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Info Session I

Thursday January 19, 2017⋅12:00 PM

GWB 2.206

Art Meets Activism—Llewellyn Xavier’s George Jackson Series

Thursday January 19, 2017⋅12:00 PM

210 W 24th St; GWB 2.204

Art Meets Activism—Llewellyn Xavier’s George Jackson Series

Wednesday January 18, 2017⋅12:00 PM

210 W 24th St; GWB 2.204

MARCH ON! Exhibit Opens in the Christian-Green Gallery

Tuesday January 17, 2017

Beauford H. Jester Center A232A

Art Meets Activism

Tuesday January 17, 2017⋅12:00 PM

IDEA LAB; Gordon White Building (GWB) 2.204

Using Language Analysis to Read Minds

Sunday January 8, 2017⋅1:00 PM

J.W. Marriott, 110 E 2nd St, Austin, TX 78701