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Professor and civil rights icon Angela Davis will deliver the keynote address at 5 p.m., Sept. 30.

Black Studies Conference Brings Notable Activists, Scholars to Explore Role of Activism

Tue, Sep 27, 2016

From the Black Lives Matter movement to the role of the arts, public education and policy, notable scholars and activists will shed light on topics involving the black diasporas at “Black Matters: The Future of Black Scholarship and Activism,” the first international black studies conference to be held at The University of Texas at Austin.

Dr. Rita Charon is a professor at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. Photo by Erica Lansner

Physician and Literary Scholar Charon to Help Launch Year-long Medical Humanities Program

Wed, Sep 7, 2016

Rita Charon, the founder and director of a noted program at Columbia University that incorporates storytelling into patient care, will be in residence at UT Austin September 19-23 to help launch a year-long program that will examine the intersections of health and the humanities.

Kappelman with 3D printouts of Lucy’s skeleton illustrating the compressive fractures in her right humerus. Photo by Marsha Miller.

UT Study Cracks Coldest Case: How the Most Famous Human Ancestor Died

Mon, Aug 29, 2016

Lucy, the most famous fossil of a human ancestor, probably died after falling from a tree, according to a study appearing in Nature led by researchers at The University of Texas at Austin.

John Morán González, taken by Alberto Gonzalez

Center for Mexican American Studies Announces John Morán González as New Director

Sun, Aug 28, 2016

Dr. John Morán González has been appointed Director of the Center for Mexican American Studies (CMAS), a unit of the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Texas at Austin.

(up) rooted by Annalee Davis. Photo by Ronnie Carrington.

Warfield Center IDEA LAB Exhibit to Tell the Story of Life on a Plantation

Fri, Aug 26, 2016

“This Ground Beneath My Feet – A Chorus of Bush in Rab Lands” by Annalee Davis, a Barbadian artist who unpacks the legacy of plantation life through family and historical archives, will be the featured fall exhibit in the Warfield Center IDEA LAB at The University of Texas at Austin.

(March 21st, 2010) Roughly 200,000 immigrants, SEIU members, union members and activists rallied on the National Mall to demand Congress pass immigration reform. Photo by Lloyd Wolf

9/11 Merged U.S. Immigration and Terrorism Efforts at Latinos’ Expense, Study Finds

Mon, Aug 22, 2016

After September 11, issues of immigration and terrorism merged, heightening surveillance and racializing Latino immigrants as a threat to national security, according to sociologists at The University of Texas at Austin.

Photo by American Institutes for Research.

Greater Academic Achievement in High School Increases Likelihood of Moving Away, Study Finds

Mon, Aug 22, 2016

High school students who completed higher levels of math, performed better academically, and had a greater sense of control of their future were more likely to migrate and work in labor markets with larger shares of college-educated workers, according to a new study by sociologists at The University of Texas at Austin.

The College of Liberal Arts Building.

New Undergraduate Degrees Focus on Sustainability, Organizational Dynamics

Wed, Aug 17, 2016

The College of Liberal Arts at The University of Texas at Austin has created two new undergraduate degrees that focus on the environment and on the human and social aspects of organizations.

Image by EvgeniiAnd, Bigstock.

PRC Research Brief: Cohabitating Couples With Lower Education Levels Marry Less

Wed, Aug 17, 2016

A new PRC research brief by Kelly Raley, based on the study “Diverging Patterns of Union Transition Among Cohabitators by Race-Ethnicity and Education: Trends and Marital Intentions” appearing in the journal Demography, addresses the decline in marriage among co-habitating couples by examining marriage intention and structural barriers.

Donna Kornhaber

English Professor Named 2016 Academy Film Scholar by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Fri, Aug 12, 2016

UT Austin Assistant Professor of English Donna Kornhaber has been named a 2016 Academy Film Scholar for her research on women writers who shaped the American film industry during the silent era.

Image by Thomas Hawk, Flickr.

UT Austin Website Promotes Transparency on Deaths in Texas State Custody

Wed, Jul 27, 2016

A new interactive, online database provides the public full access to records on 6,913 deaths that have occurred in Texas state custody since 2005.

(Left) Photo by Larry D. Moore CC BY-SA 3.0. (Right) Charles Whitman

Behind the Tower: New Histories of the UT Tower Shooting

Wed, Jul 20, 2016

On August 1, 2016, the city of Austin will mark 50 years since the horrific massacre, commonly known as the UT Tower Shooting, carried out by Charles Whitman. For some, August 1 will be a day of remembering, but for those who don’t know or can’t remember or want to learn more about the events of that day, where do they turn?

Pokémon spotted on campus, photo by UT news

Plan II Alum Leads Development of Pokémon Go

Fri, Jul 15, 2016

Trying to catch 'em all? This UT Austin alumnus might be able to help.

Image from Pixabay

Genetics Play Role in Character Traits Related to Academic Success, Study Says

Tue, Jul 12, 2016

Character traits, such as grit or desire to learn, have a heavy hand in academic success and are partially rooted in genetics, according to a psychology study at The University of Texas at Austin.

A female factory worker in 1942, Fort Worth, Texas. Image by the U.S. Library of Congress's Prints and Photographs division.

Blue-Collar Training in High School Leaves Women Behind, UT Study Says

Thu, Jun 30, 2016

Vocational training without a strong college-preparatory focus in blue-collar community high schools led some millennials to face wider gender employment and wage gaps than their peers, according to sociologists at The University of Texas at Austin.

U.S. Air Force airmen install a fence along the U.S.-Mexico border east of San Luis, Ariz., on Oct. 3, 2006. Source: DOD

Texas Voters Embrace Border Wall, Muslim Bans in Latest UT/Texas Politics Project Poll

Tue, Jun 28, 2016

A majority of Texas voters support stricter immigration laws, including building a wall between the United States and Mexico and disallowing Muslims who are not citizens from entering the U.S., according to the latest poll conducted by The University of Texas at Austin.