Slavic and Eurasian Studies

Documentary Film "Call of Dudy" (2006)

Bagpipes ("dudy" in Czech) are generally associated with the Celtic Fringe of Europe, but one of the richest and most ethnically diverse bagpipe traditions can be found in Central Europe, especially in the Czech Lands and in neighboring Bavaria. CALL OF DUDY, the first full-length documentary on the subject, captures the people and places which are keeping the regiona's centuries-old bagpiping tradition alive today and for future generations.Call of Dudy sheds light on a rich Czech m

Tue, March 21, 2006 | PAR 303

3:30 PM

Texas-native, Prague-based Jefe Brown, the filma's producer and co-director, has lived in the Czech Republic for the last 12 years, producing several documentaries and features films. He assembled a team of Czechs and international filmmakers in the making of the film.

For a schedule of Jefe Brown's other screenings in Texas, please see the attached document.

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