South Asia Institute
South Asia Institute

Pawan Dhingra

Dr. Pawan Dhingra, associate professor of sociology at Oberlin College, lectures on Asian Americans' identity management at work.

Thu, January 25, 2007 | PAR 301

4:00 PM

Based on his ethnography of Indian American and Korean American white collar professionals in Texas, Dr. Dhingra rethinks how we assess immigrant adaptation and stratification. Rather than frame ethnic minorities as inherently at odds with the mainstream, Dr. Dhingra argues that they are better understood as "margins in the mainstream." That is, they do not simply segregate their ethnic, racial, and American identities into distinct spaces (e.g. American at work, ethnic at home, etc.) as expected. These second generation Asian Americans express their marginal statuses in ways that still construct them as proper employees.

Sponsored by: Co-sponsored by the Dept. of Sociology, Dept of Asian Studies and the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement.

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