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About the Outreach Program

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The Outreach Program at the South Asia Institute aims to provide support services to educators and community members to foster a deeper engagement with South Asia and an ongoing relationship with the Institute. We have built strong relationships with school districts across Texas, helping educators to integrate the study of South Asia into their general curriculum. We provide a range of services to K-12 educators including audio-visual aids, lesson plans and workshops. As a part of our federal mandate, our outreach services are free of charge.  We can assist teachers and community leaders in designing programs on a number of aspects of the arts, civilizations, cultures, geographies, history, and languages of South Asia.  In doing so, we draw upon the rich expertise provided by The University of Texas faculty and graduate students who devote their research and teaching to South Asia. At all times, our goal is to be part of the Texas community and enrich interconnections and collective understandings of South Asia.

In addition to its own outreach projects, SAI works in partnership with the three other National Resource Centers (NRCs) on the UT campus through Hemispheres, an international area studies outreach consortium dedicated to the study and teaching of South Asia; the Middle East; Russia, Eastern Europe & Eurasia; and Latin America.

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