South Asia Institute
South Asia Institute


The Outreach office is able to provide a wide-ranging repertoire of expertise. We draw upon graduate students, university professors and international guests to speak at various occasions ranging from our workshops to classroom visits. Topics covered in the past have included religion, political economy, globalization, ancient civilization, gender and work, outsourcing, popular culture, music and dance, film and television, iconography and tourism.

Our student-speakers are advanced masters and doctoral degree candidates and can conduct lectures and presentations on a range of topics related to South Asia. A sample set of titles is provided below:

Festivals of South Asia for 6th grade world studies
Ramayana: The Life of an Ancient Text in Modern India
Kerala and Issues of Caste and in the novel God of Small Things
Outsourcing and Call Centers in India
Oral History and the 1947 Partition of India
Women Under Colonial Rule: India in the Nineteenth Century

We look forward to discussing your specific needs in terms of speaker expertise and encourage you to go through our website to determine how best we can help you. The office will evaluate the best possible resource for your needs. However, due to logistical and scheduling concerns, we cannot guarantee that a particular person will be available to speak on every occasion. We will, however try to determine our best fit for your need.  Due to funding limitations, we are able to fulfill requests for speakers in the Austin area only.

If you would like to schedule a visitor to come to your classroom to talk about South Asia, show slides, or give a lecture on various topics, please contact Outreach.