Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Uruguayan Cinema

Mon, December 3, 2007 | MEZ 1.306

7:30 PM

Free Admission

Whisky tells the story of Jacobo Koller, a Jewish sexagenarian who runs a stock factory in Montevideo with three female employees. Two operate the ancient machines while the other is his faithful assistant Marta (Mirella Pascual), who attends to his every need.

Jacobo persuades Marta to pretend to be his wife during his mother's unveiling in order to show his younger brother, Herman (who happens to run his own stocking factory in Brazil) that he is no longer single, and is able to fulfill the requirements left in his mother's will.

Furthermore, and from a global perspective, the film has been compared to the style of Aki Kaurismäki and Jim Jarmusch, and it follows the great tradition of bone dry humor. The Silver Ariel for Best Latin-American Film, the Goya for Best Spanish Language Foreign Film, and the FIPRESCI Prize at the Cannes Film Festival confirm its caliber.

Sponsored by: The Spanish and Portuguese Department Film Series and LLILAS

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