Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Nicolas Shumway

Professor EmeritusPh.D.-Spanish Language and Literature, University of California, Los Angeles

Nicolas Shumway


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Spanish-American literature, Intellectual History.


Professor Shumway's scholarship explores Latin-American history and culture with particular emphasis on Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. He has experience lecturing to academic as well as community groups.


HIS 306N • Key Ideas & Iss In Lat Amer

40165 • Fall 2006
Meets TTH 11:00AM-12:30PM CBA 4.328
(also listed as LAS 301)



LAS 698A • Thesis

36595 • Spring 2002

Prerequisite: For 698A, graduate standing in Latin American studies and consent of the supervising professor and the graduate adviser; for 698B, Latin American Studies 698A.

Offered on the credit/no credit basis only. Restricted enrollment; contact the department for permission to register for this class.

LAS F679HA • Honors Tutorial Course

85565 • Summer 2001

For honors candidates in Latin American studies. Individual reading of selected works for one semester, followed in the second semester by the writing of an honors thesis.

Prerequisite: For Latin American Studies 679HA, Latin American Studies 359H, admission to the Latin American Studies Honors Program, and written consent of the Latin American Studies Honors Program adviser; for 679HB, Latin American Studies 679HA.

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