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Graduation Preparation

In the semester prior to graduation, students are strongly encouraged to schedule an official degree check appointment with an academic advisor in the College of Liberal Arts Student Division. Official degree checks are intended to complement, not replace, regular semester-by-semester meetings with your departmental academic advisor. Students must apply for graduation in their final semester. For currently enrolled students, all necessary coursework must be posted or in progress at the time the graduation application is submitted. In the fall and spring semesters, students may participate in the commencement ceremonies if not earning a degree at the end of the semester by signing the walk list. This is a popular option for students completing degree requirements in summer, which does not have a graduation ceremony.  

Declaring a major or minor

If you are a student in the College of Liberal Arts and want to declare a Liberal Arts major, you must make an appointment with an academic advisor for the major you wish to declare. Most Liberal Arts majors require a minor. A minor can be in any major in any college. Your major advisor can help you declare a minor. Click here for more information.

Double majors or Dual degrees

A double major means you have two majors that are the same degree, for example a Bachelor of Arts in both English and French. When you complete degree requirements, you will receive only one diploma. To add a second major in Liberal Arts, follow the process for declaring a major. A dual degree (sometimes called simultaneous major) means that you are pursuing two different degrees, for example a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and a Bachelor of Science in chemistry. You may have dual degrees from different colleges, but you must be admitted by both colleges. Adding a dual degree from another college becomes official during the first eight days of a semester. Click here for more information.

Dropping a class

Students may drop a class online between the 1st and 12th class days of the semester and the course will not appear on the student’s permanent record. After the 12th class day-drop deadline, students must complete a form in the Dean’s Office in Gebauer to drop a class. A drop during this time will count as a Q. Click here for more information.

To drop a class after the drop deadline, see the policy on the One-Time Exception.

Foreign language proficiency

The College of Liberal Arts requires that students complete the equivalent of fourth semester proficiency in a foreign language as part of their degree requirements. The number of semesters and total number of credits required to complete this vary by language. Click here for more information.

Grade of D or F counting

For many core and Liberal Arts general education requirements a minimum grade of D- will count. However, there are some exceptions. A minimum grade of C or C- may be required to continue on to the next class in a sequence, for example a C in FR 601C to continue with FR 611C. For major requirements, a minimum of D- may count for some requirements. However, an overall major GPA of 2.0 is required to graduate and some majors require a minimum grade of C- or C for some or all major requirements. See your department advisor and degree plan for more details. An F never fulfills a requirement and UT Austin does not do grade replacement. Some courses are limited to two attempts.

Pass/fail a class

Students may change a class to pass/fail by meeting with a Dean’s Office advisor in Gebauer. Any class you take pass/fail will become an elective. It may not apply to any general education, major, or minor requirements. To take a class pass/fail the following requirements apply: the student has completed at least 30 hours, a grade of D- is required to pass, only 16 hours of pass/fail courses will count toward your degree and only takes two classes pass/fail in one semester.

Raising maximum semester hours

Students may take a maximum of 17 credit hours in one semester. If a student wishes to take more than 17 hours, approval is required in the Liberal Arts Student Division in GEB 2.200. During summer sessions a student can take up to 14 hours with no more than 8 hours in either summer session.

Scholastic probation or dismissal

Students with GPAs less than 2.00 are placed on scholastic probation. In the College of Liberal Arts, students on probation must do a Success Agreement. Students who meet the terms of their Success Agreements will be automatically continued by the College. Students who do not meet the grade requirements will be dismissed from the University. The exception to this policy is when students earn 12 hours of failing grades in their first semester at the University - this results in an automatic dismissal. Students dismissed for the first time are automatically eligible to return to the University after being away for one long semester; however, if they attend another college or university while on dismissal, they must show a grade point average of at least a 2.5. A second dismissal requires permission from the Liberal Arts Dean’s Office to return to the University. Second dismissals last for three calendar years.
 For more information see the College’s policy on dismissals and dismissal appeals.

Transferring to Liberal Arts

If you are enrolled in another college, and your intent is to earn a Liberal Arts degree ONLY, you must first meet with the department advisor of the major you will declare and then come to the Liberal Arts Student Division office to complete a college change form. You cannot declare your major and minor online or transfer as an undeclared major if you have 60 or more credit hours. Click here for more information.


Students cannot withdraw online; students must do this in the Liberal Arts Student Division in GEB 2.200. If it is not possible to come to the office, students should call 512-471-4271. During the first four weeks of class there is a prorated refund for withdrawing from school. A full refund, less $15, is ONLY given if a student withdraws prior to the first day of class. Failure to properly withdraw will result in failing grades in all semester coursework. Leaving the University without a formal withdrawal is the same as failing all classes and has the same consequences. After deadline day, students may not withdraw unless there are serious non-academic circumstances that occurred after the deadline date. For more information see

To withdraw after the deadline, see the policy on One Time Exception.

Dean's List

The Dean's Honor List, prepared at the end of each long-session semester, officially recognizes and commends students whose grades for the semester indicate distinguished academic accomplishment. Students must be enrolled full time, earn a minimum of 52 grade points, and not earn a grade of F in any course. The Dean’s list cannot be viewed online, but students may complete a form at the Dean’s Office in Gebauer 2.200 to receive a letter confirming their Dean’s list status.