College of Liberal Arts

Family Involvement

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Join the College of Liberal Arts Parents' League.

The purpose of the Parents' League is to engage parents in the life of the college and the campus. Members also provide input on the college's communication efforts with parents, receive information about volunteer opportunities, and attend special Parents' League events.

Join Texas Parents, the Parents' Association of UT Austin.

Texas Parents serves the parents and families of all UT students. The group's activities provide an opportunity to meet administrators, faculty, and staff and to connect with other UT families.

Attend family-friendly events such as Family Weekend and Explore UT.

These events allow you to spend time with your student, learn more about the university, and meet some of the faculty and staff.

Work out a communication plan with your student.

It's important to work out a plan about how you will best communicate while your student is at UT. Agree upon an expectation for keeping in touch throughout the year. Resist the urge to call daily.

Encourage your student to participate in campus activities and join clubs and organizations.

This will help them to enjoy their time here, cultivate current and new interests, and make new friends and connections.

Familiarize yourself with FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).

The University of Texas at Austin complies with FERPA, which limits the amount of information you will be able to access about your student.