College of Liberal Arts

Math and Chemistry Assessments

Math Assessments

This year we are offering two math assessment options on Day 3 of orientation (see schedule for time and location) for all incoming freshmen: 

1)   Students who plan to take calculus will take the proctored UT Calculus Math Assessment provided by the College of Natural Science. Students who wish to pursue a BA in Economics, a BS in Psychology, or any program that requires calculus should take the Calculus Math Assessment. Students who plan to take the Calculus Math Assessment should purchase the $50 CNS Math Readiness Package prior to orientation. This package includes access to the ALEKS Math Assessment, ALEKS Learning Modules and the UT Math Assessment. The $50 fee may be deferred for students who qualify based on financial need. For more information about the UT Calculus math assessment, click here.

FAQ about Math Assessments

2)   All other students have the option to take a test, given at the same time, that gives credit for M305G and can fulfill their core math requirement in many degree plans. Students must bring their own scientific or graphing calculator to this test. Cell phones may not be used as a calculator. 

If you have questions about which test you should take, academic advisors will be available to help you in a meeting that is held right before the math assessment. 

Chemistry Assessment

  • To help you prepare for college-level chemistry courses at UT Austin, the College of Natural Sciences (CNS) and the Department of Chemistry require an ALEKS online assessment. The assessment provides computer-based support as you review topics in preparation for CH301. 
  • All students registering for CH301 in Summer or Fall 2016 are required to meet a minimum score of 85 on ALEKS Chemistry. For students who already know that they plan to take CH301 this Fall, we recommend that you complete the initial ALEKS Chemistry assessment prior to Orientation.
  • For more information about the Chemistry Assessment, click here.