College of Liberal Arts

Post-Orientation Checklist

Here is a checklist of things that you should aim to do after orientation.

Libby with Bats
checkbox Make final changes to your schedule during add/drop period(s).

checkbox Pay your tuition.

checkbox Review the Academic Calendar to become familiar with important dates and deadlines.

checkbox Buy your books. You can look up required texts by class at the University Co-op.

checkbox Locate your classrooms.

checkbox Check your Interactive Degree Audit (IDA) to see how the courses you registered for during orientation will count toward your degree.

checkbox Contact advisor(s) or other staff with follow up questions. Use the directory to find contact information and be sure to review email tips before contacting UT staff or faculty.

checkbox Look for student organizations that might be of interest to you.

checkbox Review UT terminology and traditions: UT traditionslingo and more traditions.

checkbox Find fun things to do in Austin.

You can download an interactive pdf of this checklist: Post-Orientation Checklist