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Financial Aid

Student Teaching

During the Student Teaching semester most UTeach-LA students will be registered for 9 hours of upper-division curriculum and instruction coursework (UTL 360 & 670).  Please be aware that your financial aid will be proportionally adjusted based on the cost of tuition and actual hours enrolled. Contact Student Financial Services if you need more information on how this will affect you.

Tuition Rebate

UTeach-LA undergraduates may be eligible for a tuition rebate of up to $1,000 at graduation if they have attempted no more than eleven semester hours beyond the minimum number of hours required for the degree. Current policy states, “If the student earned a bachelor’s degree and a Texas teaching certificate concurrently, any required teacher education courses are not counted as hours attempted if they exceed the number of hours of free electives allowed in the bachelor’s degree program.” If you would like to know if you qualify for a rebate, please visit the College of Liberal Arts Tuition Rebate webpage.