African and African Disapora Studies Department
African and African Disapora Studies Department

African Studies Certificate

Undergraduates who are not AFR majors can earn a transcriptable certificate in African Studies from the African and African Diaspora Studies (AADS) department; the certificate takes 18 hours to complete.

The African Studies certificate allows students to engage with scholarship on African peoples, cultures, and history through the theoretical lens of Black Studies.  Through the certificate, undergraduates develop interdisciplinary expertise in African Studies related to the student’s personal field of interest. The AADS undergraduate advisor is available to steer certificate candidates towards areas of interest, which can include: Expressive Cultures, Gender and Sexuality studies, Literature, Language, History, Politics, and Society as these topics relate to theories of Blackness on the African continent.

To apply for the program, please download the African Studies Certificate Interest Form. Once you have completed the fillable .PDF file, please either upload the document using the widget at the bottom of this page, email it to or return it to the Advising Office in the Gordon-White Building (210 W. 24th Street, Austin, TX 78712) GWB 2.112. 

The certificate program requires eighteen semester hours of coursework, including at least nine semester hours completed in residence.

Students must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. The requirements of an undergraduate major
  2. African and African Diaspora Studies 304: Introduction to African Studies, or an alternative course taken with approval from AADS
  3. African and African Diaspora Studies 310K: Introduction to Modern Africa, or an alternative course taken with approval from AADS
  4. Twelve additional semester hours (upper or lower division) chosen from courses on an approved list, or with prior approval from AADS
  5. One of the courses listed in requirement 4 must carry a Writing Flag from the School of Undergraduate Studies and/or place an emphasis on research and writing such as AFR 372G or an alternative course taken with approval from AADS
  6. Earn a grade of at least a C in each of the courses taken to fulfill the African Studies certificate requirements

Each semester, the list of approved courses that meet the requirements above is available in the African and African Diaspora Studies undergraduate advising office.

Spring 2017 Course List

Fall 2016 Course List

Summer 2015 and Fall 2015 Course Lists 

Spring 2015 Course List 

Fall 2014 Course List

Courses the student has completed at the time of application to the program may be counted toward the certificate. A student may not earn a certificate in the same field of study as her or his major, and at least one course counting toward this certificate must be taken outside of the requirements of the student’s undergraduate degree. Students apply for transcript-recognized undergraduate academic certificates at the time they complete their undergraduate degree or the certificate program, whichever comes later. Transcript recognition is awarded at that time.