College of Liberal Arts

Course Management

There are various tasks and programs associated with Course Management.

Course Scheduling

Class listings that appear in the online Course Schedule are coordinated and entered in the Class Manager system by a trained staff member several months before the schedule appears online.

Course Inventory

The course inventory is the set of courses that the University is authorized to teach by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. A new course or a change to an existing course must be recorded in the inventory before it may appear in a University catalog or Course Schedule.

Course Proposals

Proposals to add or change course designations should be submitted using the appropriate request form and forwarded to the appropriate dean's office. Includes information on designating University Core courses, Flag proposals, and Signature Courses.

Related Tasks

Departments must input data for final exam requests, course-instructor survey requests, event room scheduling, individual instruction grade reporting, FaSET reporting, HB2504 reporting, course waitlists, and the college's course description database.