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The course inventory is the set of courses that the University is authorized to teach by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. A new course or a change to an existing course must be recorded in the inventory before it may appear in a University catalog or Course Schedule. The online Course Inventory Management system is used to make any change to the inventory. Authorization requests should be directed to Official Publications in the Office of the Registrar.

To prepare course changes, review the Official Publications inventory using the mainframe application *NRCRIN. This contains all the information in the catalog, and is divided into fields that correspond to the boxes on the request form.


The Course Inventory Management system opens on approximately September 1. Although deans often set earlier deadlines for their departments, the Official Publications (OP) deadline to submit inventory changes for the following academic year is approximately November 1. (An academic year includes fall, spring, and summer.) The graduate catalog goes into production phase during even-numbered years. The undergraduate catalog goes into production phase during odd-numbered years.

Inventory timeline graphic

For changes needed in fall 2018, spring 2019, or summer 2019, department chairs must forward all forms to our inbox by October 13, 2017 so the college may meet its deadline. Priority for form approvals will be given to updates in the graduate course inventory. We must meet the November deadline so that Official Publications may report your changes to the coordinating board, which they can only do once a year.

A few select changes, such as those to prerequisites and degree plan statements, may be made in the event that an unusual situation arises mid-academic year. For example, a department may find that a prerequisite needs to be changed for a spring semester, long after the deadline has passed. The following updates cannot be made during the spring to stand-alone or base topics courses: adding, retiring, reinstating or changing the title, credit-hour value, or number and type of contact hours.

Catalog Changes to Degree Requirements:

Changes to the requirements for Master's or Ph.D. programs are administered by the Office of Graduate Studies. If you plan to initiate any changes, propose a new program or portfolio, or change the name of an existing program, please contact Michelle Broadway, Assistant Dean:

Changes to the requirements for bachelor's programs are administered by the Academic Affairs office in the College of Liberal Arts. If you plan to initiate any changes to your honors or major requirements, propose a new major, field of study, or concentration, please contact John St. Lawrence, The 2018-20 Undergraduate Catalog deadline was  February 2017 for substantial updates, new programs, new transcript-recognized minors and certificates. The deadline for small changes was April 2017. For more information, please contact John St. Lawrence, or review:

Training Resources:

Official Publications has several resources available on preparing for and using the Course Inventory Management system. Please contact them:

In addition, the college has prepared a short presentation, "Preparing for Course Inventory Updates" (PDF, 1.2M) (Updated October 2016)

Note: PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

Contact Information:

For assistance in updating your unit's course inventory, please contact Lisa Vera,