College of Liberal Arts

Faculty Committees

The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs works with the following committees:

Curriculum Design and Assessment (CDA)

Reviews policy and curricular changes as it relates to undergraduate curriculum design and innovation, student learning, assessment, and curriculum approval.

CDA Members

  • Thomas Garrison (Geography and the Environment)
  • Lauren Gutterman (American Studies)
  • Madeline Hsu (History)
  • Chris Kirk (Anthropology)
  • Hervé Picherit (French and Italian)
  • Sonia Roncador (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • David Yeager (Psychology

College of Liberal Arts International Study Advisory Committee (CLAISAC)

Advises the college on issues related to international policy and intitiatives, including reviewing the college’s study abroad programs.


  • Michael Anderson (International Relations and Global Studies)
  • Douglas Biow (European Studies)
  • Carl Blyth (COERLL)
  • Kirsten Cather (East Asian Studies)
  • Linda Gerber (Center for Global Business)
  • Karen Grumberg (Middle Eastern Studies)
  • Mary Neuburger (Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies)
  • Adela Pineda (Latin American Studies)
  • Mary Rader (UT Libraries)
  • Sharmila Rudrappa (South Asia Institute)

Language Policy Advisory Committee (LPAC)

Advises the college on issues related to language policy and pedagogy.

LPAC Members

  • Vivian Flanzer (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Thomas Garza (Texas Language Center)
  • Joann Gulizio (Classics)
  • Nicholas Henry (Germanic Studies)
  • Patricia Kyle (Liberal Arts ITS)
  • Jeannette Okur (Middle Eastern Studies)
  • Melissa Murphy (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Heather Rice (Slavic and Eurasian Studies)
  • Beatriz Schleppe (French and Italian)
  • Wen-Hua Teng (Asian Studies)
  • Deborah White (Linguistics)
  • Michael Wynne (Linguistics)

Professional Faculty Advisory Committee (PFAC)

Advises the college on issues related to Professional Track (NTT) Faculty.

PFAC Members

  • Michael Anderson (International Relations and Global Studies)
  • Jacqueline Evans (Psychology)
  • Vivian Flanzer (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Oliver Freiberger (Asian Studies)
  • Patricia Garcia (English)
  • Nancy Guilloteau (French and Italian)
  • Patricia Kyle (Liberal Arts ITS)
  • Laura Gutierrez (Mexican American and Latina/o Studies)
  • Stephanie Holmsten (International Relations and Global Studies)
  • Joan Neuberger (History)
  • Stephanie Osbakken (Health and Society)
  • Molly Polk (Sustainability Studies)
  • Vincent Vanderheijden (Germanic Studies)

Teaching Awards Committee

Advises the college on college-level and university-level teaching award nominations.

Teaching Awards Committee Members

  • Jacqueline Evans (Associate Professor of Instruction, Psychology)
  • Julie Hardwick (Distinguished Teaching Professor, History)
  • Eric Tang (Associate Professor, African and African Diaspora Studies)