College of Liberal Arts

Faculty Committees

The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs works with the following committees:

Academic Planning and Advisory Committee (APAC)

Established by the dean of the college in September 2009 to assist with strategic planning, policy review, and budget review. To provide suggestions, comments, or to send queries to the committee, please email:

APAC Members

  • Daniel Bonevac (Philosophy)
  • Douglas Bruster (English)
  • Julie Hardwick (History)
  • Raul Madrid (Government)
  • Pamela Paxton (Sociology)
  • Jacqueline Toribio (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Tony Woodbury (Linguistics)

Curriculum Design and Assessment (CDA)

Reviews policy and curricular changes as it relates to undergraduate curriculum design and innovation, student learning, assessment, and curriculum approval.

CDA Members

  • John Beavers (Linguistics)
  • Paola Bonifazio (French and Italian)
  • Mark Lawrence (History)
  • Marie Monfils (Psychology)
  • Cory Reed (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Elizabeth Scala (English)
  • Lisa Thompson (African and African Diaspora Studies)
  • Fred Valdez (Anthropology)

College of Liberal Arts International Study Advisory Committee (CLAISAC)

Advises the college on issues related to international policy and intitiatives, including reviewing the college’s study abroad programs.


  • Michael Anderson (International Relations and Global Studies)
  • Douglas Biow (European Studies)
  • Carl Blyth (COERLL)
  • Donald Davis (South Asian Institute)
  • Virginia Garrard (Latin American Studies)
  • Linda Gerber (Center for Global Business)
  • Karen Grumberg (Middle Eastern Studies)
  • Paul Miller (Clements Center)
  • Mary Neuberger (Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies)
  • Mary Rader (UT Libraries)
  • Karin Wilkins (College of Communication)

Language Policy Advisory Committee (LPAC)

Advises the college on issues related to language policy and pedagogy.

LPAC Members

  • Marina Alexandrova (Slavic and Eurasian Studies)
  • Thomas Garza (Texas Language Center)
  • Nancy Guilloteau (French and Italian)
  • Joann Gulizio (Classics)
  • Patricia Kyle (Liberal Arts ITS)
  • Mohammad Mohammad (Middle Eastern Studies)
  • Melissa Murphy (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • David Quinto-Pozos (Linguistics)
  • Kerstin Somerholter (Germanic Studies)
  • Naoko Suito (Asian Studies)

Teaching Awards Committee

Advises the college on college-level and university-level teaching award nominations.

Teaching Awards Committee Members

  • Antonella Olson (Distinguished Sr. Lecturer, French & Italian)
  • Daron Shaw (Distinguished Teaching Professor, Government)
  • Marjorie Woods (Distinguished Teaching Professor, English)

College Academic Affairs Committee

Consultative and informational committee that meets monthly to discuss isues and concerns related to curricular policies, enrollments, course management, and other matters related to academic and curricular affairs.


  • Department chairs and center directors, or their representatives