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College Research Fellowships

There are three categories of College Research Fellowships. Please note that all three categories are limited in number and awarded on a competitive basis. Additional information is provided in the memo distributed to department chairs to announce the beginning of the nomination period (usually early in the fall semester).

One of the considerations in awarding any College Research Fellowship is the benefit that will accrue to the university. Please remember that any recipient is expected to return to normal teaching duties for at least the following academic year and if a recipient elects to leave the University without returning for an academic year is obligated to reimburse the University.

  • The Research Fellowship relieves faculty members of teaching their required organized classes for one long semester in order to devote their attention to a research project.
  • The Special Service Fellowship recognizes Assistant and Associate Professors who have demonstrated outstanding service at the departmental, college, or university level. Examples of exemplary service include but are not limited to center directors, department chairs, and university-wide held positions. Awards will be determined on a case-by-case basis and relieves faculty members of teaching their required organized classes for one long semester in order to devote their attention to a research project.
  • The Supplemental Research Fellowship is awarded to supplement outside grants and fellowships whose award amounts are at least 50% of the faculty member’s nine-month academic rate. The length of the award may vary to accommodate the requirements of the granting agency. Applicants and department chairs should nominate the faculty member only after receiving confirmation of the outside award. Since these awards involve the faculty member requesting a leave or release from the instructional budget, please review the college's Faculty Leave information.

Online Nomination Process

Department chairs and delegates: The online nomination submission system for the 2019-20 College Research Fellowships (both Research and Special Service) and the 2019-20 Supplemental College Research Fellowships will be available October 22, 2018.

The deadline for 2019-20 College Research Fellowship nominations for Research and Special Service is November 19, 2018.

The deadline for 2019-20 Supplemental College Research Fellowship nominations is May 1, 2019.

Nomination System:

Information needed for a College Research Fellowship nomination: nominee's eid; type of award (Research or Special Service); semester; regular course assignments; how students will be accommodated; criteria used to select nominee; a list of all partial; semester-; or academic-year research leaves for the past five years including any publications, presentations, and honors/awards that resulted (in report form for uploading); research proposal title; and a research proposal for uploading.

Information needed for a Supplemental College Research Fellowship nomination: nominee's eid, semester(s), regular course assignments, how students will be accommodated, a list of all partial, semester-, or academic-year research leaves for the past five years, name(s) of granting agency, and award materials for uploading.

Please contact Sally Dickson,, with any questions.

Internal and External Research Awards

The College of Liberal Arts encourages and assists faculty in obtaining research funding both from the University and from outside sources. For more information on the college’s Grant Services, please visit Grants & Contracts

College Subvention Grants

The College has limited one-time money that can be used to provide subventions for College of Liberal Arts tenure-track and tenured faculty who are unable to obtain funding from the University Subvention Grant Program or other sources. *Note that priority will be given to tenure-track faculty.

Publications can be in any language and any discipline within the College of Liberal Arts. Funds are paid directly to the publisher; authors may not be reimbursed from the account. Deadlines, qualifications, and application information are provided in the Subvention Grant Memo.

Subvention Grant Memo
Subvention Grant Application