College of Liberal Arts

Summer Assignment Q&A

Your Summer Faculty Assignment Questions (Hopefully) Answered

The summer course schedule isn't out yet, so I don't know the unique numbers of the courses for my teaching spreadsheet. What should I do?
Go ahead and include the course number and title. We'll look up the unique numbers.

Should I include my Chair or Director?
Yes, please include you Chair or Director on your non-teaching spreadsheet. If CoLA is paying, you don't need to include the summer monthly rate or account number. We'll add that for you.

What if our proposed stipend is different than the stipend that was calculated by the spreadsheet?
If the amount you want to pay a faculty member is different than what is calculated for you by the spreadsheet, simply include this information in the Comments.  If you did agree to a different amount, in addition to the amount, please include who agreed to this (presumably your Chair/Director) and when they agreed.

Please remember that the maximum for a course is $9,000, unless it is Option III funding. You also should not pay them less than they would normally make if it is less than the maximum. (i.e. If the calculated stipend based on the timeframe and their monthly summer rate is $7500, you can't just pay them $6,000.)

Should I include Study Abroad courses on the teaching spreadsheet?
Yes, please include any faculty who will be teaching in a Study Abroad coarse for your Department. If they are teaching multiple classes but being paid one amount, you can include all of the courses in one line.

Should I include Maymesters on the teaching spreadsheet?
No, Maymesters are considered part of spring and Add Jobs (if not in your Department) and One Time Payments should be completed by the Department.

Should I include Extension Instructors? Or cross-listed courses?
Please only include instructors who are teaching for your Department and you are serving as the Home Department. 

How should we submit the spreadsheets or Instructor Overload Forms?
Please include ALL paperwork through the box upload and name them in a way that we will know what Department they are from and if they are new or an edited version. (See directions above box upload on the main Summer Faculty Assignment web page.)