College of Liberal Arts

Summer 2021 Faculty Assignments

All COLA units with paid faculty are asked to complete our brief Summer Faculty Jobs Survey.  This will aid our office in tracking which units will (or will not) be submitting Summer 2021 faculty jobs spreadsheets to our office. 


  • Summer Faculty Jobs Survey (ALL UNITS)
  • Teaching Spreadsheet (if applicable)
  • Non-Teaching Spreadsheet (if applicable)


You will find the downloadable spreadsheets and instructions below.
When you have completed your spreadsheet, come back to this page and upload them to UT Box (see below).

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Include any faculty (tenured and non-tenured) who will be teaching an organized course for your unit whether or not they are your faculty. This includes those you are paying AND anyone who needs a 0% appointment. For crosslisted courses, the home department should be the one to add them to their spreadsheet, so please confirm with other units that they have.

Download Teaching Spreadsheet and Example

Teaching Spreadsheet Instructions

Instructional Overload Form



Include ANY faculty (tenured and non-tenured - include them even if they are in another unit as long as they work for you) who you need to pay for a non-teaching reason. This could include research, a faculty award where the funds will be in your unit, summer salary, a commitment in an offer letter, etc. 

Download Non-Teaching Spreadsheet and Example

Non-Teaching Spreadsheet Instructions


When uploading to box, please use the following naming convention for your spreadsheet:
DEPT Summer 2021 (Ex. "ENGL Summer 2021 Teaching" or "ENGL Summer 2020 Nonteaching")

When uploading an additional spreadsheet or an edit, please use:
DEPT Summer 2021 Additional (Ex. "ENGL Summer 2021 Teaching Additional" or "ENGL Summer 2021 Nonteaching Additional")


Questions? E-mail