College of Liberal Arts









About the Scholarship:

• Award amount: $30,000 over 3 years

• Targets students interested in volunteerism, community service, and service learning
• Funded by the Bernard and Audre Rapoport Foundation
• Recipients may choose between an Apple laptop or an additional $1,500 in funding their first year

Application Requirements: 

• First-year student enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts
• Complete a financial aid application (FAFSA)
• Submit 2 essays, a personal statement, and a resume
• No minimum GPA required

Requirements for Rapoport Scholars

• 200 hours of community service each summer
• Enroll in 2 courses: Leadership, Ethics, and Society + Civic Engagement and Civic Responsibility
• Complete a Bridging Disciplines Program
• Must be enrolled full-time during period of award

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