College of Liberal Arts

Service Learning

Community service is one of the cornerstones of the Rapoport Service Scholarship Program and drives a majority of how we develop leadership and academic components within the program.  We divide community service into three main distinctive areas:

  1. volunteering
  2. community service
  3. service learning  

Volunteering is a one-time event where students show up and provide a service to a particular organization. Examples of volunteering are: park clean up, fun run, one day home build.

Community service involves students dedicating more time to a particular organization or cause and it happens over a longer period of time.  Examples of community service can be: working daily at a homeless shelter, teaching weekly English classes at a community center, or being part of a Habitat team that builds a house weekly. 

Service learning involved community service, but some type of formal learning happens that is associated with the service.  The Rapoport courses are good examples of service learning classes where students get to discuss their service experiences through a variety of academic lenses.  Since our students do 200 hours of community service every summer, the service learning component of the service hours are critical.