Arabic Flagship Program
Arabic Flagship Program

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Belly Dancing LargeThe AFP accepts students who are dedicated to learning the Arabic language and exploring the cultures of the Middle East and North Africa. Life in the AFP combines the areas of academia, community, employment and service to build a unique and supportive environment to foster high levels of linguistic achievement and cultural discovery.   


As an AFP scholar, you will enroll in an Arabic course each semester that you participate in our program. Our curriculum includes six semesters of intensive Arabic language courses and two semesters of content courses, which are advanced courses focusing on a specific area-related subject. In the classroom, you focus on both Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Colloquial Arabic simultaneously. While you may choose one dialect to focus on during your studies (typically Levantine, Egyptian or Moroccan), you will hear multiple dialects in the classroom. Your instructors and teaching assistants invest in the education of each student, supporting your efforts as you work to understand and master the language.

In addition to your Arabic courses, AFP scholars meet weekly with a language partner for one-on-one conversation practice. This partner is either an advanced or native speaker of Arabic and provides a relaxed environment for you to receive personal attention during your language advancement.


As an AFP scholar, you will attend several AFP cultural events each semester. These cultural events allow our students to connect with one another over a variety of interesting topics on the language. Cultural events in the past have included musical concerts with well-known Arab artists and comedians, an Arabic Talent Show, workshops on Arabic dialects and lectures on political and cultural aspects of the Middle East. We even had Bassem Yousef visit us a few years ago!

Students also utilize the AFP Facebook Group, created as a platform to facilitate intellectual discussion on different Arabic related issues happening throughout the world. This platform is also used to organize student-led social events such as visiting local Middle Eastern restaurants, potluck dinners, or outings to local Austin hot spots.

Alumni Engagement

The AFP 'Alumni Connect' series gives you the chance to hear from our alumni about their adventures in Arabic since graduating from UT. Alumni return to campus in person or join us via Skype to discuss their careers and answer students' questions. While this is an excellent opportunity for AFP scholars to learn general information about various career paths, it is also a unique networking opportunity for students to learn about individual organizations, positions, and internships.

Employment and Service

As an AFP scholar, you'll also have several employment and service opportunities available to you through our program. AFP students work as Instructional Support Assistants in Arabic classes, as Language Partners with beginner AFP students, and in several AFP internships. As Instructional Support Assistants, students are placed in a beginning level Arabic classroom. They act as teaching assistants, helping with in-class activities and provide extra tutoring for the students outside of the classroom. As Language Partners, students are paired with beginning level AFP students to engage them in conversational topics in the language. Both opportunities provide students with the chance to apply their Arabic knowledge in a variety of contexts.

Our AFP interns help with in-program operations. These positions include our Alumni Connect intern to organize events with our Alumni, our Social Media and Outreach intern to organize all promotional efforts and our Event Coordinator intern to organize major cultural events.

In addition to professional opportunities, AFP students organize various volunteer efforts with the surrounding Austin community. Currently, you can participate in a refugee-mentoring program with Arabic speaking high school students to assist them in providing extra tutoring and support on their class work. This gives you an opportunity to learn about the refugee culture in Austin and to practice your language outside of a normal classroom setting.

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