Arabic Flagship Program
Arabic Flagship Program

Hear from Our Alumni

Amrani, Adam_website

"The Arabic Flagship Program aided me in reaching a level of Arabic that I needed in order to conduct research for my academic and professional interests. By studying Modern Standard Arabic as well as several dialects, I was able to conduct field research in Algeria, translate source texts, and conduct professional research on geopolitics utilizing Arabic."

Adam AFP Alumnus, Capstone Year 2013-2014
Master's Candidate, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service

Madgabkar, Mona_website"The high level of Arabic I achieved through my capstone year is absolutely essential to my job as a Foreign Service Officer. Every day, it allows me to forge stronger relationships and deepen my understanding of the country I work in."

Mona AFP Alumna, Capstone Year 2009-10
Foreign Service Officer, US Department of State

Dylan Clement Website"Years after my Capstone in Alexandria, Egypt, I continue to benefit personally, academically, and professionally from the AFP experience. Simply put - the AFP provides an exceptionally strong foundation for a career in foreign affairs and Middle East issues."

Dylan AFP Alumnus, Capstone Year 2012-2013
Master of Science in Foreign Services (MSFS) Candidate at Georgetown University

The Alumni Experience with Emily Hawthorne

Emily Hawthorne, a graduated scholar of the AFP, shares with us why she decided to apply to the program, her experience on the Capstone year abroad and how the AFP helped her in graduate school and in her professional career. Have a listen!

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