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Panel Session C: 1:30-3:00pm (April 2)

Sweat is Invisible in the Rain (Roundtable)
Meeting ID: 947 4556 9310
Chair: Bessie House-Soremekun

  • A Roundtable Featuring:
    - Cherno Njie, Songhai Enterprises
    - Mbemba Jabbi, Dell Medical School
    - Abimbola Adelakun, University of Texas at Austin
    - Toyin Falola, University of Texas at Austin

C2: Nationalism and Colonial Africa (1)
Meeting ID: 961 5218 5233
Chair: Ogechukwu Williams

  • Early Manifestations of Nationalism in Ghana
    - Baffoe Agnes, Mount Crest University College |
  • Reassessment of Nationalism and African Unity: The Implications of De-Nationalization
    - Christopher Obiyo, Houston Baptist University |
  • African Resistance, Nationalism and Independence
    - Akolbila Michael Yaw, Jack Astrid Internal English Shanghai City |
  • The Conflicting Effect of the Swazi Emahiya (Cloth): Decolonization and Internalized Oppression
    - Betty Sibongile Dlamini, Indiana University – Bloomington |
  • Slavery in Post-Gaddafi Libya
    - Vernon D. Johnson and Joshua Shepherd, Western Washington University

C3: Nationalism and Colonial Africa (2)
Meeting ID: 922 9933 0014
Chair: Amponsah, Nana Akua

  • Public Policy and Citizenship Question in Nigeria: Implications for Nation-Building
    - Martins A. Arogundade, Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu |
  • Amalgamation, Nationalism and the Nigerian Project
    - Rufus Taiwo Akinyele, University of Lagos |,
  • The Last Shot of a Dying Soldier
    Abdelrahim M Salih, American University, Washington DC |
  • The Western Invention of an African Nationalism: American Colonization Society and the Creation of Liberia
    - Ruth Vida Amwe, Princeton Theological Seminary |
  • “We Must Adapt to Survive”: Sanctions, Settler Politics, and White Farmers’ Struggles for Economic Survival in Rhodesia, 1966-1979
    - Sibanengi Ncube, University of the Free State |

C4: Colonial Legacies
Meeting ID: 930 2155 5710
Chair: Moses Ochonu

  • From Liberation Nationalism to Ethnic Nationalism: A Critical Analysis and Implications for Nigeria’s Unity and Development
    - Olu Awofeso, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife |
  • The Nigerianization of the Private and Public Sectors (1948-1980)
    - Bamidélé Aly, Independent Researcher |
  • Colonial Subjectivities and Labor Struggles: Slaves, Slave Masters, and Resource Wars
    - Chukwuemeka Agbo, University of Texas at Austin |
    - Obioma Chukwuemeka-Agbo, Independent Scholar |
  • Factors for the Growth of West African Nationalism
    Gyedu Stephen, Tianjin Matrix International |
  • Nigeria under Pressure: Democratization, Agitations for Restructuring and the Resurgence of Ethnic Nationalism
    - Musa Salihu Ibori Abdulhamid Ozohu-Suleiman, University of Abuja |
  • History of Freed Slaves’ Homes in Northern Nigeria: Slavery, Emancipation and Labor during the Colonial Period, c.1902-1926
    - A. Ajibola Abdulrahman, University of Mississippi |
  • A Decolonial Approach to Heritage Preservation: Designating Spaces of Heritage in Lagos Island, Nigeria
    Oliyide Ohuntoluwase, University of Texas at Austin |
  • Towards an Africa Post-Colonialism
    - Björn Freter, Independent Scholar |

C5: Ethnicity and Nationalism (1)
Meeting ID: 999 8039 5837
Chair: Temitope Balogun

  • The Niger Delta Amnesty Programme: A Model for Resolving Ethnic Nationalist Conflicts in Africa.
    - Agaigbe, Faeren M, Benue State University, Makurdi |
    - Becky Aliegba, Nasarawa State University, Keffi |
  • The Igbo Question in Nigeria: Ethnicity, Nationalism, and the Quest for Nationhood, 1800-1985
    - Chioma Abuba, Dalhousie University, Halifax |
  • Remembering Biafra: The death and rebirth of Biafran nationalism in Nigeria
    - Roy Doron, Winston-Salem State University |
  • Revisiting the Spirit of Nationalism in Africa during the Post-Colonial Times
    - Theonestina Katundano, Catholic Univ. of Eastern Africa, Nairobi |, and
  • Building Peace in a Multi-Ethnic Society: Nigerian Perspectives
    - Afolabi Olaleye Toye, Chapman University, Orange, California |
  • The Dynamics of Ethnic Politics and Cultural Nationalism and its Impact on Independent Nigeria
    - Ugwukah C. Alexander, Babcock University, Ilishan Remo |, and

C6: Ethnicity and Nationalism (2)
Meeting ID: 916 5918 0150
Chair: David Akombo

  • Home, Hosts, Guests & Strangers: Nationalism, Ethnic Identity & the State in Africa; Some Thoughts
    - Anene Ejikeme, Trinity University |
  • The Danger of Ethnic Politics
    - Ifeoma Nneka Okafor & Chidi Alexander Solomon, Univ. of Nigeria |
  • Nexus Between Ethnic Nationalism and Nigeria’s Democratic Consolidation (1999 – 2018): A Prognosis
    - Abdulrashid Sani, Kaduna State University |
    - Ntim Gyakari Esew, Kaduna State University |
    - Kamar Hamza, Kaduna State University |
  • Ethnic Conflicts and Nationalism in Nigeria
    - Usman Adekunle Ojedokun, University of Ibadan |
    - Adeyinka A. Aderinto, University of Ibadan |
  • Revisited Biafran Futures: An Examination of Biafran Rememories
    - Chinonye Alma Otuonye, CUNY Graduate Center |
  • Constraints to Independence Struggle in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of Biafra and Ambazonia
    - Nicole-Claire Yuven, University of Buea, Cameroon
  • Citizenship, Ethnic Nationalism and Resource Extraction in Africa
    - Fenda A. Akiwumi, University of South Florida, USA |