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2016 University of Texas Africa Conference Schedule

Please note that this schedule is subject to revision based on attendance, facilities, and other relevant factors.




9:30AM           Bus Pick-Up at Holiday Inn

Panel Session A:                    10:30-12:00PM

A1       (Re)creating Gender through Literary Expressions

A2       Migration, Movement, and Identity in Africa and the African Diaspora

A3       Creative Counter-Narratives, Subversions, and Strategies

Panel Session B:                    12:15-1:45PM

B1       Gender, Development, and the Nation

B2       Navigating Cultural Identities in and through Religion

B3       Narrating Space and Identity in Africa and the African Diaspora

B4       The Visual Arts and Cultural Spaces: Creation and Conservation

Panel Session C:                    2:00-3:30PM

C1       Literary and Oral Explorations of Identity, Past and Present

C2       The Nation as a Creative Process: Discursive and Performative Practices in the Construction of the Nation in Independent Africa

C3       Children and Families in Creative and Popular Cultural Practices

C4       Theatre and Dance: Kinetics of Sociocultural and Sociopolitical Processes

Panel Session D:                    3:45-5:15PM

D1       African Epistemologies and Healing Processes

D2       Music and Contemporaneity:  History, Culture and the Future

D3       African Development: Impacts, Challenges, and Strategies

Dinner                                    5:30-6:30PM

Keynote Address                   6:45-7:45PM


8:15PM           Bus Pick-Up at Littlefield Fountain




9:30AM           Bus Pick-Up at Holiday Inn


Panel Session E:                    10:30-12:00PM

E1        Decolonizing Knowledge and Crafting an Anti-Imperialistic US Pedagogy in African Studies

E2        Challenges, Histories, and Prospects of Technological Innovation

E3        Interrogating Gender and Sexuality across Popular Culture and the Academy

E4        Politics, Culture, and Creativity in Africa

E5        The Politics of Creativity, Resistance, and Democratic Movements

Panel Session F:                     12:15-1:45PM

F1        Health as Social and Cultural Practice

F2        Creative Media, Digital Cultures, and Modernist Practice

F3        Exploring Race, Postcolonialism and Identity Matrices in Art, Theatre, and Performance

F4        Transnational Networks and Cultural Contestations

F5        Creativity Shaping African Image, Space, and Society

Lunch:                                    2:00-3:30PM

Panel Session G                     3:45-5:15PM

G1       Language and Cultural Identity

G2       Indigenous Festivals, Creativity and Cultural Development

G3       Filmakers and Audiences: Nollywood in Nigeria and Beyond

G4       Musical Creativity and the Imperatives of Change

G5       The Performative of Religion, Religion as Performative

5:45PM           Bus Pick-Up at Littlefield Fountain

Banquet                                  7:00PM



8:00AM         Bus Pick-Up at Holiday Inn


Panel Session H                     9:00-10:30PM

H1       Corporealities: Aesthetics, Expressions, and Gastronomic Practices

H2       Culture, Language, and Identity in Nigerian Theater and Cinema

H3       Incorporating Ancestral Knowledge Systems into Modern Educational Settings

H4       Creativity, Culture, and Change in the Context of African Development

Panel Session I                       10:45-12:15PM

I1         Violence, Crime, and Security in African States and Communities

I2         Science and Society: Mapping Landscapes in the Context of Development

I3         Bodies, Boundaries, and the Boundlessness of Creativity

I4         Custom, Culture, and Identity amongst the Yoruba

12:30PM         Bus Pick-Up at Littlefield Fountain

6:00PM           Bus Pick-Up at Holiday Inn

Farewell Dinner                    7:00PM


9:30PM           Bus Pick-Up at Farewell Dinner

10:00PM         Bus Pick-Up at Farewell Dinner


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